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  1. Taylor Hill

    This. Also, the thing that I absolutely love about Taylor is how she seems to exude an aura of...idk elegance and timeless classic beauty, like her features are so perfectly sculpted and she has such a unique stand-out face. Compare this to the 'IG baddie' look which is just so bland and generic and Taylor is just infinite leagues apart.
  2. Taylor Hill

    I really doubt it - I think it's more of a case of overlining (which IMO on her just looks way too OTT since she already has naturally v full lips)
  3. Taylor Hill

    Taylor has me so shook in those above pics. She looks beyond amazing!
  4. Taylor Hill

    Agree with you, Taylor stands head and shoulders above the rest of most of the current crop. For me the only other model who IMO maybe v slightly edges it over Taylor is Emily Didonato in terms of having the most beautiful face.
  5. Emily Didonato

    She's looking amazing!
  6. Taylor Hill

    Yeah, IMO the only other member of the family who has the right 'look' is Chase - Logan is pretty but not model level and idk I find Mackinley a bit awkward looking? Almost has quite harsh, masculine features
  7. Taylor Hill

    It sounds bad but I sort of wish they would stop trying to make the Hill siblings a thing...
  8. Taylor Hill

    Taylor looks good as always but lol that video needed more rehearsing
  9. Taylor Hill

    I didn't say it would make him less likely to be a model though
  10. Taylor Hill

    Know what you mean. Chase has model looks but his personality just seems kinda off-putting and immature. But you can only ascertain so much from social media I guess. And yeah tbh I just don't find Mackinley pretty, not even by 'real world standards'
  11. Taylor Hill

    Yeah, I can't pinpoint exactly what it is but I see what you mean. Also, am I the only one who thinks that her fashion sense is quite...horrendous? Just relatively recently (maybe the past year, since she started blowing up basically) or so her streetstyle looks have been so OTT and clashing. What do you mean specifically? Do you think she has already 'peaked' physically as it were or is it more like negative body language etc
  12. Emily Didonato

    This picture is super old. No clue who it is in the pics but it was around when Emily first started modelling so I'm guessing it's like 8 years old at least.
  13. Taylor Hill

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4360212/Taylor-Hill-dines-boyfriend-Michael-Stephen-Shank.html#comments Also, why is HG always wearing nail polish lol?
  14. Inka Williams

    Only just discovering this girl. Wow she's gorgeous! She's gonna be a total bombshell when she's older. Also, it's incredibly refreshing to see that she's only 5"5 and killing it. Seriously...considering that 5"7 seems to be generally considered the absolute minimum threshold, it's so great to see her killing it. And tbh with that face it's not surprising.
  15. Kelly Gale

    Yeah, both of them do absolutely nothing for me. Like sure they are 'attractive' but sooo generic.