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  1. OMG that vogue arabia shoot....her face is such a work of art!
  2. Ugh she looks incredible. Been loving her foray into youtube too....she must be the most down-to-earth model in the business!
  3. Yeah, they seemed to be fairly lighthearted, women supporting women etc Edit: They're on holiday in Italy together so I guess nothing happened between them! Still hope they resurrect amodelandherfriend
  4. Honestly I thought both of them came across as really relatable and down to earth and everything seemed really chill and relaxed. I mean who knows what happened but that would be a shame if something had happened between them.
  5. The other girl she was doing it with, Christina, has deleted her Instagram too. Wonder what happened. I quite liked their videos
  6. Anyone else noticed all content has been removed from her youtube channel, a model and her friend along with the @amodelandherfriend insta? Wonder why
  7. This. Also, the thing that I absolutely love about Taylor is how she seems to exude an aura of...idk elegance and timeless classic beauty, like her features are so perfectly sculpted and she has such a unique stand-out face. Compare this to the 'IG baddie' look which is just so bland and generic and Taylor is just infinite leagues apart.
  8. I really doubt it - I think it's more of a case of overlining (which IMO on her just looks way too OTT since she already has naturally v full lips)
  9. Taylor has me so shook in those above pics. She looks beyond amazing!
  10. Agree with you, Taylor stands head and shoulders above the rest of most of the current crop. For me the only other model who IMO maybe v slightly edges it over Taylor is Emily Didonato in terms of having the most beautiful face.
  11. Yeah, IMO the only other member of the family who has the right 'look' is Chase - Logan is pretty but not model level and idk I find Mackinley a bit awkward looking? Almost has quite harsh, masculine features
  12. It sounds bad but I sort of wish they would stop trying to make the Hill siblings a thing...
  13. Taylor looks good as always but lol that video needed more rehearsing
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