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  1. She's looking amazing!
  2. Yeah, IMO the only other member of the family who has the right 'look' is Chase - Logan is pretty but not model level and idk I find Mackinley a bit awkward looking? Almost has quite harsh, masculine features
  3. It sounds bad but I sort of wish they would stop trying to make the Hill siblings a thing...
  4. Taylor looks good as always but lol that video needed more rehearsing
  5. I didn't say it would make him less likely to be a model though
  6. Know what you mean. Chase has model looks but his personality just seems kinda off-putting and immature. But you can only ascertain so much from social media I guess. And yeah tbh I just don't find Mackinley pretty, not even by 'real world standards'
  7. Yeah, I can't pinpoint exactly what it is but I see what you mean. Also, am I the only one who thinks that her fashion sense is quite...horrendous? Just relatively recently (maybe the past year, since she started blowing up basically) or so her streetstyle looks have been so OTT and clashing. What do you mean specifically? Do you think she has already 'peaked' physically as it were or is it more like negative body language etc
  8. This picture is super old. No clue who it is in the pics but it was around when Emily first started modelling so I'm guessing it's like 8 years old at least.
  9. Also, why is HG always wearing nail polish lol?
  10. Only just discovering this girl. Wow she's gorgeous! She's gonna be a total bombshell when she's older. Also, it's incredibly refreshing to see that she's only 5"5 and killing it. Seriously...considering that 5"7 seems to be generally considered the absolute minimum threshold, it's so great to see her killing it. And tbh with that face it's not surprising.
  11. Yeah, both of them do absolutely nothing for me. Like sure they are 'attractive' but sooo generic.
  12. Wow, how am I only just discovering this girl! She's sublime. Really hope she blows up. As for Taylor vs Vika, IMO Taylor edges it. In terms of pure facial aesthetics, I find Taylor's face a little bit more put together. Sometimes (and this isn't meant in a malicious way at all) something about Vika's face looks a bit off in pics - I think it's her eyes/eyelids, they are slightly asymmetrical if you look closely. Although this really doesn't detract from her overall beauty, she's definitely a stand-out face.Also, I prefer Vika's body and think she has more raw sex appeal than Taylor.
  13. Interview with Taylor
  14. Not trying to stir things up at all, but does anyone know if anything went down between them? Taylor and Sara, I mean. Yeah, I noticed that Romee didn't make a post on IG or anything either but who knows I guess we can only glean so much from public social media activity.
  15. I know right! I don't want to say her career has fizzled out...but man I remember back when she first started and she immediately booked Maybelline, and she was hailed as the 'next big thing' and tbh she had the potential to be supermodel level. But tbh she seems to be really happy and I get the impression just from following her on social media like Instagram that modelling isn't the primary focus in her life, she balances it with fitness, yoga, getting married etc which is quite nice to see. And she seems so humble and down to earth as well.