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  1. Glad to see that she's getting more jobs... Same with all the models that are in the industry even when they get a boost up for their career...
  2. Ah, models come & go. That's why I never knew anything about her. Did she only do Gaultier?? But like I said models come & go that's why I said what I said. I never heard of her. Good that she is becoming a doctor. Vogue China is pretty low its nothing really. The ones that are high Vogue are America, France. But if the models are approval is by Anne W that would open a lot of doors. 5'9 isn't really desirable its always 5'10, 5'11, 6'0 or taller, but yeah she is tall I'm not saying she's is not. but more wanted that they have girls that tall or taller.
  3. if only i was ignorant but I'm not. I know there is lots of them but its really hard for them. If I'm ignorant than so are many others that say the same thing in the industry. I've heard things that are alot worse about ethnic girls in the industry....
  4. Please avoid baiting (negative comments that serve no constructive use other than instigating debates ect.) in model/celeb threads. However, there is likely already a related topic or poll that may fulfil your needs for said subject as long as its tasteful of course. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average
  5. She's nice looking but not Haute Couture or high fashion. hmmmm but I do see her being really successful, she will do really well in the asian market easy jobs & good money like all Asian models in asia. Unfortunately she is short but there is a market for her like all models & I she does do runway's but with mediocre or medium designers around the world.. which is good, she's getting paid.
  6. Glad she made it pretty far. It is unusual for an Asian to make it as far as she did. Asians are not all that desirable in the high fashion market & any other places in the modeling market really... which is a real bummer.
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