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  1. I don't remember if it was posted before: a little picture of Frida and Miles found on tumblr! I love her so much too... I like to see her grow up
  2. Hi there (: I hope I can post my request there... Sorry I don't know who are last men but I also search the name of a 'model' (I guess, I hope so!): Do you know who are those models on the Bjorg Jewellery spot please? Thank you so much ~ edit : oh nooo I'm not in the good thread... so sorry, I wanted to post in Models ID . . .
  3. hehe I think as Baby about Cole's answers (: I like him so much (for not say that I love him, of course), he is really different, I must say 'unique' in my opinion... I like the fact that he is always nice with people, he doesn't look pretentious at all <3 have you seen this video by jolijn snijders ? (i hope it's not a repost)
  4. ho, I like so much the picture with glasses too ! Thanks to share them. I think, as everybody here, that he will have a long model career if he wants it (: (and I hope so) *first message for a russian boy (l)*
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