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  1. Friends MacGyver Firefly (best sci-fi series ever got cancelled..world is cruel, very cruel)
  2. never had the urge to even try, so obviously I am not a smoker. Yet I think some women can make smoking sexy
  3. that outfit sure was one of the best outfits on the whole show...and I also liked Stams wings a lot
  4. The Simpsons for sure. There's no need for explaining why.
  5. I know that feeling. I was lurking around for more than 6 months.
  6. Hutch

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    Justice - Phantom
  7. Meagan. Just cause I'm a sucker for freckles ^^...and the fact that she looks better anyway in my opinion.
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    Bodyrox ft. Luciana - Yeah Yeah this song is still so addictive ^^
  9. yay! excellent thread. I'll post something if I can find anything ^^
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    Kanye West - Good Life
  11. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence movie that actually does make me feel sad only other movie that has the same effect is Shawshank Redemption
  12. Finally decided to stop just lurking around and actually post something..been member for over a year now and just got my first posts done this week...So..anyway Hi, I hope I'll enjoy my stay here as a poster as much as I did as a lurker ^^
  13. 1. Which theme overall did you like the most? can't say just one but most of them I liked Blade Runner, Deck The Halls and Rome Antique. Though all of them had pretty bad outfits aswell. 2. Which five models looked the best? Heidi (she still looks absolutely stunning), Stam, Alessandra, Candice, Eugenia... 3. Which theme{s} didn't you like? Surrealy sexy or the pink 4. Which five models could of looked a lot better? Adriana (I don't know...something was just not working there), Elise, Miranda, Marisa and Selita 5. Is there anything you would of changed about this years show? The whole surrealy sexy theme and Seal...yes..Seal 6. What were your overall fav outfits of the show? Dunno why I liked the Stam's outfit...I just did O_o 7.What outfits do you hate the most?
  14. pity Emanuela de Paula wasnt on the show..or was she?
  15. Izabel, Ale and Stam look absolutely gorgeous.. Especially Stam Not really fan of Ale's blonde hair, though.
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