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  1. it's my curse and blessing...having a nose for weird shit ^^
  2. see! you even got the proof for that, Baron
  3. I'm as afraid of smurfs as clowns Smurfs are just way too...weird...It's some kind of totalitarian community. All wearing the same outift except the überführer aka Papa Smurf. Plus Papa Smurf is 542 years old...nothing non evil thing can be that old. oorr..maybe they're just communists...whatever it is...Smurfs give me the creeps.
  4. Actually..I have also something to add here exactly what happens to hd dvd ^^
  5. penny, penny, penny...where on earth you find all these amazing pictures
  6. hehe at least three things in common. I don't know what it is about redheads really...they're just so ...you know and omg those pics with the grapes especially the one with the green grapes...I guess it's because of those damn hot red lips
  7. well hello Penny ^^, Those underwater pics are amazing especially that first redhead one that you posted.
  8. Anything by Ridley Scott is awesome, yes that's a known fact here too ^^. sooo you start teasing with them lip pics then... OMFG! it's spitting image of Warhol I've been using photoshop for nearly 5 years now...still lot to learn
  9. hehe, had to go all the way back to page 114 but found the pic ^^ and lovely it was, penny ^^ cheers.
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