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  1. Iker hugs her and she probably doesn't want to
  2. Noooooooo! Iker and his purse again! :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: to Sara as you say, it is clear :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky:
  3. Do you only hate Sara or did you hate Eva Gonzalez, Ariadne Artiles....and his other ex-girlfriends too? It must be so tiring to hate someone so much... I love Eva Gonzalez and Ariadne Artiles, of all his girls, I just do not like Sarah I'll be here until one of you will no longer add to the topic Iker pictures of Sarah and me and all the others do not want
  4. my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter also did not like Sarah Iker star who just won himself, but Sarah just made ​​by famous men, I feel sorry for Iker that he spends time with her, she uses it
  5. не маю такого бажання, це вільний форум I have no such desire, it's a free forum
  6. Fu, a girl of easy virtue, only to be clamped
  7. :hell yea!: :dance: Olympics, then hurray wedding will not be
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