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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram "Enjoying the vacations"
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo's facebook. "New York, New York with Irina Shayk"
  3. Woah, you're blowing this out of proportion, hes a fan just like the rest of us, there are plenty of male fans of Sandra. Whether is a fake or not, it will be sorted out somehow. Lets just get back to talking about her work.
  4. I'm not hating, it seemed like a fake, but I'm glad it is cleared up. Just making sure 'cause there is a lot of fakes of her now that shes gaining popularity. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yeah, but the girl claimed that it was a fansite to Sandra (brought up on twitter), but in her FAQ it sounded like she was actually pretending to be her. She now changed her tumblr though.
  6. Theres a fake going around tumblr posing as her, not sure how popular it is, but it is fake.
  7. omg, her interview with Ellen
  8. Aline Moraes looks like her long lost sister.
  9. She looks a lot like Jeniffer L Hewitt
  10. A few from her facebook & twitter
  11. A video of her & others (:
  12. Heres an article about her & a couple of new photos
  13. One from her twitter
  14. Sorry, there not that good of quality
  15. I'm going crazy on trying to find out who this model is