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  1. Robin... I mean... I can’t even right now.
  2. Robin didn’t make it. Wtf
  3. Girl 😂😂😂 I agree we been waiting how long now
  4. Maia will be good in pink!
  5. I need to know about Lorena and Robin😅 And Myrthe B would like to see Luma, Kate G, Daniela again
  6. Happy Devon is back ☺️
  7. If robin doesn’t get it imma be so... can’t even put into words
  8. Really boring girls so far, Winnie, alannah, Sadie
  9. ^i saw her “mood” post. Hope not
  10. So we should find out today? If they made it?
  11. Kelsey is pretty. She is full Filipino or mixed? She looks mixed. Happy for her need to see Robin H, Kate G, Lorena and Myrthe (pink)
  12. Thanks for all your updates Clauds 😊
  13. I don’t think Robin made it. Saw a comment from fan page on her latest post which makes me think she didn’t edit or could be because her childhood pet passed
  14. When will we know they got the show?
  15. Hope she gets the show this year! last year was so sad for her!
  16. Myrtle Bolt attended callbacks. Did Dani Lopez go to castings/callbacks?
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