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  1. I couldn’t find on topic search.. 5’9.5, with Elite Miami
  2. I saw her backstage pictures, omg she is gorgeous!
  3. So pretty Didn't find topic for her! She is German Height: 5'11'' / 180 cm Agency: Select Model Management
  4. I love her work for Pink, I would love if they would replace Maggie or Zuri for Myrthe!
  5. Robin was shooting again for VS yesterday. Absolutely baffles me, they continuously hire her for the online store but not for the show.
  6. Have any girls from The Lions announced yet?
  7. So gutted for Robin! She deserved more than these girls who never work for VS all year round.
  8. I’m happy she got the show. She will 100% have 1 outfit in Pink segment. Hope it’s cute!
  9. I’m happy for Lo and Myrthe and dew others like Kelsey and Maia to many returning models that need to go i don’t understand girls who don’t fit the brands asthetic are walking. #Justice4Robin VS are just rude. Last year she shot for them the day of filming. Just utterly rude 😅
  10. Yay Myrthe! still think Kate G is in 🤔
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