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  1. ;O What about sharing? lol. Isn't he dating Ale Alonso?

  2. :'( It's times like these I wish I lived near you. It would be Hot tub, day & night. xD

  3. :0 How did you know I had a thing for stalkers? Lol ;) I'll be watching you, watching me!

  4. :blush: Oh, shush. ;3

  5. :D Do you like lollipops? This may or may not have a double meaning. :ninja:

  6. :D Here, her last name is long, I just shorten it to 'Fab' x]


  7. :O AMAZING NEW SET, HUN. <3 Haha.

  8. :O Don't tempt me with the hot tub! You know I want to get in it! xD

  9. :O Good luck!! TTYL!

  10. :O I hope so. :D

  11. :O It might or might not pull you down with me.. Who knows? Oh, just me. >;D :shifty:

  12. :o JENNIFERS BODY! Ahh. Me love. <33

  13. :O Joeeee. You really have disappointed me! You would of been the first 99 year old that I knew.

  14. :o Marina is in your Sig? Ahhhhh. Lol. So glad you like her. She's one of my favs. :D

  15. :O Marlon. <3'

  16. :O Maybe.. or your his twin or something. lol

  17. :o that wasn't very nice.. Dx

  18. :O Who made your recent set?

  19. :O Who said I didn't want the favor returned? x]

  20. :O Work? Boooo. I'm crossing you out.

  21. :O WOW. Amazing set!

  22. :O You have to give me your skills. SERIOUSLLY.

  23. :O You wouldn't...

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