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  1. I do really like Monika but I love Lindsay. So...Political Monika : 1 Lindsay : 5
  2. Yeaaah Adriana is all about eyes. That gaze. I love her. So deep and exotic.
  3. Cara+ Upton for the cover!!!! :dance: Imagine a Cara + Chrissy duo cover. Bellazon would implode. ___________________________________ Also, is it just me or does it seem like when a model stops working with VS, they start doing SI? It's becoming a bit of a trend. Think Erin, Izabel, Selita, Sara (to some extent), Bregje, etc. Maybe Lindsay Ellingson will do SI next year? Just curious, but how do you guys think high fashion models' agents view SI Swim? It used to be that doing the VS show was considered high fashion 'death,' but now girls are doing both with no problem. Does SI still carry an image of 'cheapness' to it? Or do you think agents push models away from it? Of course. Well I dont know if it carries "cheapness". I think first of all, the magazine is hotter than the VS photoshopped lingerie pics or the VSFS. The girls are letting more flesh to see. Also it focuses often more on the models' body : boobs, etc...it's quite clear to me, they look for "hot girls" above all, not necessarily stunning faces or artistry. So yeah, I can definitely get what you're saying with the models'management wanting them to be high profile, and thus not sure getting SI would be the greatest idea.
  4. Wow, my house is the first one (actually, I dont know, I have often wished I had a mushroom house too) and my garden is the 5th on the left (what Dave pointed )
  5. ^Yes I'm very surprised for Izabel, I thought she was well-liked and had many fans My votes : Most beautiful : Laetitia, Adriana, Alessandra. I also like Miranda and Doutzen, and to a lesser extent Candice and Gisele, but hell, too many gorgeous girls in VS. Should have never been : Erin, Chanel (Karlie comes close)
  6. ^Agree with this. Also I kind of see a loss of interest these days towards VS, people seem to go more about SI now. If Candice and the big ones are not here then it will be the end. It's interesting to see how many pages Elsa Hosk is going to reach on Bellazon. I say no more than Palvin, Shayk or Agdal...
  7. Ugh.. Why this song? I wanted them to do an Ed Sheeran song. But no, why would they? Of course they do Taylor Swift. Notice how Candice and Behati hesitated when they asked if Taylor should get her wings? lol. Yes I would too, bc that is a stupid question. Taylor is a singer, and the reporter is asking if she could be an angel. Of course not, some of these reporters have the weirdest questions ever. Well I would have said yes
  8. Lindsay Ellingson [1] Emily Didonato [3] I like both.
  9. ^Really ? Wow that's an interesting point of view because I don't think that at all. Candice always had that wow factor since her beginning years, Elsa never had till now. Elsa is going to get bigger without a doubt I think, but still different from Candice.
  10. I'm sorry it kinda s**** there are no more than 20 options available I did what I can. So, sorry for the models I couldn't get a free spot and gathered together. I did it for the models I supposed where least likely to get a high number of votes in each category (well I just put the most popular for 2nd category). So, as a celebration of the new entry among Victoria Secret's angels, Elsa Hosk , here's a little review of all the contracted girls since the beginning (note : Yasmeen Ghauri, Chandra North and Ines Rivero were not included). Don't cheat, choose the exact number of models (3 and 2), and, obviously, if your favs are say, Daniela Pestova, Tyra Banks and Karlie Kloss, in that case vote for only one option ("other") instead of 3. If your favs are, say, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss, vote for Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and "other". And, to add to the fun, this is a public poll. On stalking mode Don't be picky at the pictures, I chose them quite randomly Stephanie Seymour Helena Christensen Karen Mulder Daniela Pestova Tyra Banks Laetitia Casta Heidi Klum Gisele Bundchen Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio Karolina Kurkova Selita Ebanks Izabel Goulart Marisa Miller Miranda Kerr Doutzen Kroes Behati Prinsloo Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Candice Swanepoel Erin Heatherton Chanel Iman Lily Aldridge Lindsay Ellingson Karlie Kloss Elsa Hosk
  11. ^^Hey, SS, how could I forget about you Maybe you can give me a quick answer about the polls ?
  12. @ Pretty if you're here (or PinkCouture if she passes by) : Sorry for off-topic, but as I know you mods are here. I just have a question about the polls : is it possible to make more than 20 options for one question ? (currently 20 is the maximum possible). I would like to make a big poll about all time VS angels since beginning (maybe it's a bad idea), but there are 27 !!!! 24 actually excluding Yasmeen Ghauri, Chandra North and Ines Rivero. It would kinda s*** if some will have to be left out Or maybe should I just gather some models together as one option ? Again, sorry for off-topic. I'm so sorry to bother. (with me and my random poll ideas... )
  13. Elsa Hosk (7) Candice Swanepoel (7) Eniko Mihalik (6) Alessandra Ambrosio (8) Bregje Heinen (2) Lindsey Ellingson (1) Monika Jagaciak (7)
  14. Elsa Hosk (8) Candice Swanepoel (8) Eniko Mihalik (7) Alessandra Ambrosio (9) Bregje Heinen (3) Lindsey Ellingson (1) Monika Jagaciak (7)
  15. Elsa Hosk (8) Candice Swanepoel (8) Eniko Mihalik (7) Alessandra Ambrosio (9) Bregje Heinen (4) Lindsey Ellingson (1) Monika Jagaciak (9)
  16. And yeah, that's a great job with the pictures Clauds & Prettyphile
  17. I have to say, I also think it brings entertainment
  18. Very off-topic, but Johannis, I love your avatar ( )
  19. Elsa Hosk (9) Candice Swanepoel (8) Eniko Mihalik (8) Alessandra Ambrosio (9) Bregje Heinen (5) Lindsey Ellingson (2) Monika Jagaciak (9)
  20. Elsa Hosk (10) Candice Swanepoel (8) Karlie Kloss (2) Eniko Mihalik (8) Alessandra Ambrosio (9) Bregje Heinen (7) Lindsey Ellingson (3) Monika Jagaciak (9)
  21. Plus, Adriana and Alessandra had been walking for 14 years It's not like they didn't have enough outfits through the years...
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