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  1. She looks so much younger than she really is!
  2. I actually really like her in these! Looks so natural and gorgeous.
  3. Thank you so much, SicK As mY SecReTs.
  4. Who's with her in that 2nd pic?
  5. kamile

    Nina Dobrev

    Yes! I personally think it's pretty cool
  6. kamile

    Nina Dobrev

    Very flowy... Still gorgeous though.
  7. kamile

    Nina Dobrev

    I thought she looked amazing last night:) Perfect outfit for the tca! Loved her.
  8. ^The one where Kate is hugging that girl... This is the best picture I've seen in a long time. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!
  9. I can only imagine her disappointment, it sucks. She looks stunning in that white polka dotted dress!
  10. I think her sister looked fantastic as well. They're both incredibly gorgeous.
  11. kamile

    Skin Care

    I guess some people think it's not enough.
  12. kamile

    Skin Care

    Salicylic acid did wonders for my friend's skin. Quite shocking actually. She had really bad acne and now her skin is completely clear. It's amazing.
  13. Yeah, try different brands. I really like Almay and Milani eyeliners. Always get the retractable eyeliners and not the eyeliners that look like pencils and you have to sharpen them. Those are harsh and not good. Thank you! I will try them out!
  14. Sweet November. Yeah.. Finally.
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