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    Do remember that the economy of many of these countries is smaller than many single states in the U.S. An example is the economy of California is equal to or greater than Germany. The European Union was formed to create an economy from many smaller national economies in order to compete in the world ecomomy. If any one of the individual nations could have done this without the EU then it would not have been formed. Data regarding the size of each individual country's economy and the sum of the EU would be more helpful than citing the number of countries in the Union. What the heck does any of this have to do with Petra? Discussions about the sun becoming a nova pale in comparison with the way Petra can light up a room just by being there.
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    I think SOCOM's avatar is the best picture I've seen of Petra yet. What a smile!!!
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    The story about California breaking off and going into the sea is an urban legend. There is no scientific basis for it. The Pacific plate is colliding with the North American plate with the former sliding under the latter. This means mountain ranges like the Sierra, the Cascades, and the coastal mountains will be getting higher. The San Andreas fault is just a portion of this process. If everything west of this fault broke off and fell into the sea it would leave the majority of California intact but would take out the Bay Area and some of southern California. Since this is not scientifically credible, it isn't worth discussing. The earth has gone through much more unsettled geology and weather in the past. Many disasters which have occurred in the past were not as devastating in terms of human life's lost because the human population was not as high. Two hundred years ago a similar tsunami would have killed far less people and the news of the event might have taken years to reach the majority of the people in more developed countries. I think the New Madrid earthquake and the volcanic erruption of Krakatoa were equal in the potential to kill similar amounts of people as has just occured in Asia, but they were in the past when the population was not as great. KTLA-TV in Los Angeles reported that Petra's boyfriend was dead. I don't remember them saying his body was recovered so I can't imagine this is confirmed yet. Maybe they did say it was confirmed and with so many details about the disaster coming in it is difficult to keep up with the events. I went through some major trauma some years back and when I finally got past it I said "I'm kicking butt and taking names." I would bet that Petra will do the same. I hope she recovers completely with full function of her hip joints and legs. It will be a great effort on her part to work towards this goal. I would not expect to see much of her for 12-18 months. Good luck and God bless Petra!!
  4. I know nothing about popular wrestling as seen on TV. Does this woman actually wrestle or is she a person who holds up the round cards and similar duties? If so I wonder if she really belongs on an athlete thread. If she actually wrestles, how does she hide the required muscles?
  5. Breast size is not all that important to me when looking at Marisa. It is the fact that she is athletic and has a large bust that I find attractive. The average athletic woman is usually very small. There is nothing wrong with that either, I have known many women who are athletic and small figured but have great personal qualities and other features making them very attractive. Part of why I find Marisa attractive is this "not the usual" look of an athlete.
  6. Once this thread goes on long enogh we will see that every celebrity and model is overrated. Ask enough people and that is what will result. I did not try to say that runway models and Brazilian models are not pretty, are too short, or smoke too much. I was sharing my opinion that I do not prefer them and was answering a comment which asked the question "I don't see why anyone would find Marisa attractive". She gets me to stop thumbing through the pages of my wife's VS cataglog and the runway/Latin models do not. By stating what my preferences and attractions are, along with the reasons for them, I am not telling anyone else that they are wrong. There is no reason to become defensive and no reason to be sarcastic. I also wonder what "the look" is and who decided what it will be. On this site and on the former ChilaX site it seems to be the Latin and eastern European "look". There are some very attractive people in these catagories. When I was in high school I found myself not really following convention and doing something because it was popular and what everyone else was doing. The latter is the behavior of lemmings. As I have gotten older I feel more strongly about this. I remember when Elle MacPherson was appearing more often then she is now and was criticized for being too tall. What is it we want, tallness or shortness? Who decides what the "proper" height is? Another thing I've been observing on this site and with people expressing themselves in other venues is the tendancy to say "they hate" or "can't stand" a particular person or idea. Hitler hated people and showed us with actions that he hated. I don't think the dislkes of people for a model, a celebrity, a book, a movie, a TV show, a food, a car, etc. can actaually be as strong as the word hate. Like much of the language being used today, especially the F word, it is full of "meaningless intensives." I haven't found anyone yet who makes my stomach turn when I look at them, except for the dead bodies of victims of trauma I dealt with on the job. In those cases the necessary behavior of "detachment" is one I adopted in order to do my job correctly as an emergency responder. To say that someone's looks turns stomachs does not dignify individual people as they deserve. It may indicate the emphasis on physical beauty, at the expense of character, that is becoming more prevelant the longer the technology of TV exists. We are voting based on how a candidate "warms up to the camera" more than we are on what they say. Marisa is athletic and grew up surfing in a part of the world I'm familiar with. She sees modeling as temporary and not the focus of her life. The Perfect 10 video and pictures are her first modeling work. I like the stills of her lying in the bed, but don't like the video as some of it wasn't in the best taste. She would probably agree with that. To call it pornographic is an exaggeration. I think with enough research, we could find work done by many other models which is not real tasteful. I find the pictures of many of the Brazilian models smoking in very poor taste. The message to me is, "I don't really care about all the evidence that smoking is extremely bad for my health and is dangerous for the health of the non-smokers around me, but again I don't really care as I want to follow the crowd and be cool." Of course there are more than Brazilian models and celebrities who appear very unattractive when they smoke. All models and celebrities put themselves forward in ways that a great number of people won't. I think most of them deserve some respect for doing that in businesses that are very tough and cruel at times. I don't think we need to be so cruel to them also. It is often said that if you stand up, you will get hit. For much of the population that discourages people from saying what is on their mind or to be assertive when it comes to actions. I suspect that some folks will "hit me" for what I've said here, rather than just respectively disagree. I enjoy hearing about models live's and it gives the pictures more meaning to me. I really enjoyed the "Girls of ChilaX" where you could look at member's own pictures and communicate with them. Sad that these member's really have to be so careful in posting things about themselves. I find this picture of Marisa very attractive and if anyone things she looks masculine then they just don't see the same things I do. Nothing wrong with that, to each his own.
  7. She doesn't look like another model clone. Most of the models in VS are runway models and for this man, runway models are not very attractive looking women. Runway models are used to sell clothing to women and are apparently attractive to women. In VS all the dark, Brazilian women make me just thumb through and not really pause to look. Marisa, who epitomizes the girl next door, athletic look, causes me to stop and look at what she is wearing. You might notice she is a very popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. SI's models don't look much like runway and high fashion models. If they did I don't think SI would be as popular. The best models I've ever seen are from SI. You might notice that the girl next door look usually wins out in their new swimsuit model search. I will never understand some women's view that runway models are attractive. If women think they are going to attract men by looking that way in my opinion they are not going to be successful. Women will probably never understand why men find Marisa Miller, Elle McPherson, Rachael Hunter, Cheryl Tiegs, and others attractive.
  8. To me all runway models and most Brazilian models get far more space than they deserve. I like Marisa because she looks like the girl next door. I don't find her face unattractive or masculine at all. To each his own.
  9. I really don't like the Brazilian, runway model look. I know that I'm in the minority. I've seen a picture of Ale with a cigarette in her hand and don't have much respect for her as a result. No doubt this site will be just like chilaX with a large bias towards Brazilian and runway models. To eaach their own.
  10. When I have more time, I will figure out how to post images. I have a lot of them in my files. Heidi is wonderful. Thanks for the pictures of her book signing and the information about how she spoke. Wonderful!!
  11. This is an incredible picture of an incredible woman. I second the quoted post. I would really like Heidi to lose the blond hair and go back to this color or whatever is her natural color. I thought the pressure on Germans to be blond with blue eyes died a very much deserved death about 60 years ago
  12. Why isn't Marisa on the main page of the index? She has set an all time record for most views on chilaX, now about 493,000 and no other woman comes close. A cursory look at this new (for me anyway) site shows her ahead of all the other "babes" as well. She deserves to be on the main page, a hum, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the wonderful ladies there.
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