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  1. I am a localist all i have to say is your ignorant that obviously does not know penelope's body of work....seriously when ale get's nominated for an oscar you can call me until then....you can shut your mouth. And Charlize.
  2. Results: Scarlett-8 Ana-31 WINNER: Ana Beatriz Barros Round 2.1 Charlize Theron vs. Karolina Kurkova Charlize Theron VS. Karolina Kurkova
  3. Wow great Vogue Cover. Thanks Ferdie.
  4. No, but you can them with your name in it http://img4.shareavenue.com/image.php?file...d6eeb2cb88cbb72 http://img4.shareavenue.com/image.php?file...9ed35b659a685a4 even better. Thanks
  5. thiago, julia you guys never fail to amaze me. :wub2:
  6. thanks heartless18 and aga!!! you guys are my hereos!
  7. oh thanks! :( but i am doing a new one....but of gisele. =]

  8. She is the new spokesmodel for Estee Lauder? and thanks ferdie
  9. aww....knowing iza was probably just tired. She seems like a sweetheart, and glad to hear raquel is charming also
  10. Vote for Ana on my sig!!! :chicken:
  11. Nouve

    Scarlett Johansson

    Vote for Scarlett on my sig!!! :chicken:
  12. Penelope has more talent in her pinky then Ale will ever have. And great competition Julia I'm going to vote now.
  13. Ana :wub2: I never understood Scarlett's hype :x
  14. Penelope- 16 Alessandra- 11 Winner: Penelope Cruz Actresses vs. Models: Round 1.3 Scarlett Johanssen vs. Ana Beatriz Barros Scarlett Johannson vs. Ana Beatriz Barros *Rules: You can only vote once, and have one (1) vote only if you like both equally the same split the vote (.5). Go ahead and vote!
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