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  1. OMGOSH!! I totally agree!! The Asian version is a lot better. There's a video on youtube where a fan mixed the two, and it looks SO awesome!! hehe.. But I'm so excited to see her do more in America. I'm so happy that she finally debuted over here. =D
  2. OMGOSH! Everyone here I think I pretty much love. haha.. I CANNOT stand the casting of this movie, either!! Everything's just wrong and the only person I can stand is Jacob. He looks as young as he's supposed to be, and outside from his character, I think he's cute. haha.. Oh, and James. But that's just cuz he looks evil enough. I'm getting used to Robert and Kristen, but I HATE IT when Kristen talks in her interviews. I get this like 'I'm better than you' vibe whenever I hear her in her interviews. I don't know. It could just be me. But, like everyone else.. I'll still go see this movie regardless. hehe..
  3. Heyy!! It has been awhile. Life's pretty good right now. heh.. Just started school again and I'm living on my own now. =) Exciting. haha.. How've you been?

  4. it's been awhile..

    how's life?

  5. OMGosh I'm addicted to this series. =D I have the 3rd book right now.. but I'm refraining myself from reading it. Why am I that crazy to do so right now? LoL.. It's because I'm moving to my apt. soon to start college, and I'll have nothing to do after I move in but read Eclipse in peace and finish it in one sitting. Maybe. haha.. But yeah, you get the idea. ^_^ I don't mind that the 4th book will be in Edward's perspective because if you realized, the first one is basically in Bella's. They're all put in Bella's perspective and it would be nice to see what Edward thought of her when he first laid eyes on her and such. I think that one's coming out in Spring '08 and the 5th one will be out the following year in Fall. That's what the lady at Borders told me when I bought Eclipse. Hmm, as for characters, Stephanie Meyers has said on her website she doesn't want anyone over 21. But I did like her first choice, Henry Cavill and I sorta like Drew Fuller, too. [He's from Charmed, Piper's 2nd son, for anyone who watches it.] And I like Emily Browning for Bella. I don't know, ever since Lemony Snicket's I've kinda like her. Alexis Bledel isn't bad either [Rory, from Gilmore Girls] I suppose. I guess that's my input. =)
  6. heh.. Yeah. I would've been able to get a picture with her, too if I had bought a poster of her or something to help her out, but I had no money on me. =( At least I know now for this year! hehe..
  7. Stephanie Ly! I met her at a car show. She's really nice and pretty!!!
  8. Heyy everyone! I'm not sure if anyone even checks this thread anymore, but a new season of Beauty and the Geek and almost here, and the twist is something I can't wait to watch!! AHH!! hehe.. =D If anyone's still out there, come back!! =P
  9. OMG I haven't been here in awhile and then I see Hyori and Jessica Alba together?! That is like heaven!! heh.. =O
  10. Wow.. I really liked her in Life as We Know It. If she's gonna be on Heroes, whoo! I'll love that show even more. hehe..
  11. Well I wasn't saying that she should. I was just saying that if she did again. But I'd rather her go solo myself. I mean, she was awesome in Corbin Bleu's music video for Disney. =] And who's Joe Bataan?
  12. thanhnii

    Eliza Dushku

    Gosh she's so freaken gorgeous! =] I <3 her dimples soo much!.. Oohh.. haha and her mommy teaches at the college I'm gonna go to next year. =D Whoo!!
  13. The next season of the Pussycat Dolls is Robin making another girl group that has PCD qualities. If Melissa R. tries out again, I bet she'll guaranteed be lead of that group. ;D
  14. Whoa! Her little brother's almost the same height! heh.. She looks pretty blonde or brunette. =]
  15. I think she looks good with any color hair. =] She looks more mature with darker hair but I like either. =D Awesome pictures!!
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