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  1. 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards in Los Angeles 2009.10.11. Arrivals x81 Portraits x10 Cocktail Party x6 Also pictured: Amber Valletta, Hayden Panettiere
  2. Is there an Izabel fan site out there with all of her pics?
  3. It was these ones I wanted but in HQ, thanks And any others there might be
  4. Does anyone have the HQ pics of Alessandra wearing this green outfit, but the backstage versions where she's holding some kind of award of something. I know Ive seen the Low Quality ones somewhere but I was really looking for high quality. If someone knows which pics I mean then I would appreciate it if they could post them I'll try find the LQ versions to show u what I mean Thanks
  5. Something A Little Different HOT PINK
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