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  1. she is fabulously exotic! her body AND face are beautiful, both aspects of her are equally "modelicious". any more pics or info?
  2. thank you so much for the new pics, now we can really see some versatility in her! its amazing how she can handle all those different haircolors: light is my fave on her, but that chocolate brown really made her eyes pop (but the very very black shade was too harsh on her i think). VS should be calling soon
  3. are there any new pics? the few we have are gorgeous, but i'm sure we'd all love to have more shots
  4. omg her body is ridiculous! the body is like a taller version of Marisa Miller, and the face/hair is like a Marisa'ish version of Gisele!!!!! hahaha she'll be the next big bikini/lingerie girl no doubt!
  5. omg she's gorgeous!!! does anyone know her ethnicity? (the name sounds kinda Arab) hope to see more of her!
  6. omg she is so unbelievably beautiful, i think im in love!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. skye is certainly an unusual beauty, i really like her! you know who she kinda reminds me of....tanya dziahileva. anyone else thinks there's a bit of a resemblance between sky and tanya d.?
  8. wow, i love that she's 5'11" and a ballerina too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i myself am 5'11 1/2" and have been seriously pursuing ballet since i was little ah, so refreshing to see tall girls in dance (you don't know how rare it is!) and if she's only a freshman in HS it'll be wonderful to watch her develop, either in dance or in modelling, over the next few years
  9. i totally agree! wow! i hope to see her in more ads...i hate it when all the 'same looking' models are in every single advertisement or editorial out there....we need more models like her! wow, she is exceedingly beautiful! her body is slender while still maintaining sexy curves (finally!) and her face is just angular perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i need advice: is it reasonable possible that i can lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks? i leave for vacation in hawaii in exactly 2 weeks, so of course i want to look good frolicking around on the beach in a bathing suit! i've already started my little scheme to get in Hawaii shape and i've already lost the first 5 pounds => ........... but i still have another 5 to knock off in 2 weeks do you think i can trim off that extra 5?
  11. i think tall girls (like Hana or Tiiu) totally rock! i mean, aren't models supposed to have something unusual about them that makes them stand out? for some people it might be a particular feature or body part or different hair color.... and height definitely counts as a unique feature it's their extra height that makes them more uniquely beautiful and magnificent! plus, in my opinion, i think its really cool when already tall girls wear heels- it shows that they are comfortable with being tall & that they know how to play up a feature that makes them stand out (everyone tries to "play up" what they've got: if you have a nice bosom then you wear tops that will flatter them, if you have great legs then you might wear short skirts, if you have pretty eyes then you might curl your eyelashes or wear dramatic eyeliner......... everyone does things to bring attention to their special features. so if a girl has height, then she should feel free to show it off by wearing heels that make her even more noticeable )
  12. Where is this dress from?! Who made it?! I was thinking of something similar for my wedding, so I'd love to know who this designer is!!!!!!!! Can anybody help me?...
  13. Where is this dress from?! Who made it?! I was thinking of something similar for my wedding, so I'd love to know who this designer is!!!!!!!! Can anybody help me?...
  14. Stacy is like an Amazon Goddess! Just incredible
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