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  1. Hi, who is that in your avi? :D

    1. pitounsky


      It's the lovely Holly Owens :)

  2. Thanks for the friend add :D

    1. hairmodelfan


      No problem! Thank you for accepting it!

      I like your Sig!

    2. FashionDream


      Aww thanks :flower: Hailey Clauson is too cute xoxo

    3. hairmodelfan
  3. Merry Christmas Maria xoxo

  4. Merry Christmas hun xD xoxoxo Wishing you all the best!!

  5. Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas Squeege!!

    1. Squeege Beckenheim

      Squeege Beckenheim

      Thank you dear! Merry Christmas to you too & wonderful holidys.

  6. Happy Holidays JJ3 xoxox

    1. jj3


      Thank Youuuuu FashionDream !!!! Very nice of you :) Happy Holidays to you tooo :)

      I hope you had manyyy beautiful gifts !! :)

  7. Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas Flamelingo xoxoxo

    1. flamelingo


      Thank you hun! I wish the same to you!! :)

  8. Hope you have a Happy Holidays xoxox

    1. CandleVixen


      Thank you, the same to you and yours!

  9. Merry Christmas Andy! xoxo

    1. Cult Icon

      Cult Icon

      Merry Christmas Stephanie!! <3

  10. If you celebrate it....Merry Christmas hun!! xxoxo

  11. Merry Christmas Mermaid!! Or Happy Holidays in case you dont celebrate. xoxox

  12. Thanks Sanja for all your contributions!!

    1. sanja


      You're welcome, I am glad you appreciate the pictures I post ;)

  13. Thanks for the friend add hun!! Thought I already had you as a friend haha xoxo

    1. Syria


      I thought so too lol xoxo

  14. Hi hi!! :D

    1. Eleni


      Α big hello to you tooooooo:-)I was thinking to send you message tooooooo:-)

      How are you?

      Here in Athens is too hot.........

    2. FashionDream


      I'm good thanks :p

      Ah so it's hot over there... are you a fan of the heat? :p

      Been following the World Cup??

  15. Just stopped by to hi :p

    1. FashionDream


      Haha :p

      And thanks for the compliment! :hug: xoxo

  16. Just wanted to give you a shout out for all your BZ contributions! Thanks alot hun!!

    1. Candylicious.


      Ahh thank you :) so sweet of you !

  17. Best avi ever haha!!

    1. 2324lebron


      Thanks! I am glad you like it! I have to go! Mags is tickling me right now, hehe!

  18. The girl in your avi is gorgeous!!

    1. Mahi


      Thanx Fash,so glad that someone pretty as you,liked my avi.

      Unfortunately this time I don't know her ,fname or anything about her,I found her on new Schwab Catalog/summer 2014.

    2. FashionDream


      Aww thanks :heart: And thanks for your answer!!

      Hope all is well! :D

  19. Your new set is STUNNING!!!!!!

  20. Hey there. :flower: Just curious... Who's in your avi? :)

    1. Squeege Beckenheim

      Squeege Beckenheim

      It's Rachel Weisz :)Love her!

    2. FashionDream


      Oh wow... would have never recognized her. Thanks for the info. :p

  21. Hey hun! Whose that in your avi?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FashionDream


      Now who's in your avi? Sorry for all the questions.. im curious haha :p

    3. Mahi


      It's so okay dear,no need for apologies at all.

      It's model Michele Ouellette.

    4. FashionDream


      Thank you! :hugs:

  22. Thanks for the friend add. :)

    1. MiniMia


      You're very welcome :) thanks for accepting!

    2. FashionDream
  23. Haha just realized your using my siggy, glad you like it. :D

    1. 2324lebron


      Thank you! I especially like the gif in the middle. Great job :)

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