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  1. liv4beauty

    Megan Fox

    Terry Richardson is the photographer for GQ. That's his style. That's why they look like the Alba shoot. Megan looks hot.
  2. I hate to say it but I think Heidi's body never fully recovered from her pregnancies. I've been saying for awhile that her breasts have shrunken in size. I recently read that breasts can grow smaller than their original size from breastfeeding. Considering that she's had 3 children, back to back, it's entirely possible. However, she still looks great but she's still human.
  3. Some classic Heidi VS pics. Two were new to me.
  4. I've never been a Lima fan but I have to state that she looks AMAZING in that GQ spread!
  5. Bar without a doubt. She has a softer, feminine look compared to Gisele's hard almost masculine appearance. Plus, she's curvy in ways that Gisele is not.
  6. Thanks for all these pics everyone! So many that I had never seen before. I still have my Shana collection around. She brings back memories. She was my obsession in the 90s.
  7. People hate/dislike her because of overexposure. There will always be a backlash when a celebrity is everywhere. Other reasons people dislike or consider her to be overrated... 1. Her face. People consider Cindy Crawford or Christy Turlington's faces to be ideal. Gisele is a unique beauty. She wouldn't have had a career back during the supermodel era. 2. Her body. It annoys people to no end when she's constantly touted as the model that brought back curves. Gisele has a decent body but she is NOT curvy. Wide waist and lack of hips does not curvy make. 3. Her personality. I heard from several sources that she's a diva. Instant turn-off for most people. 4. Her relationship with Tom Brady. The general public doesn't approve of him taking up with Gisele immediately after breaking up with his then pregnant ex. Seriously you shouldn't care what others think. There will always be at least one person who will not agree with your tastes. Can't please everyone.
  8. These are strictly my opinions. Not a fan of Ale or Adri but I felt they completely lost most of their appeal after last night's show. Izabel and Miranda stole their thunder. Karolina looked wonderful as always. Marisa is hot but cannot walk to save her life. Heidi is finally back in shape. Candice Swanepoel was my absolute favorite! Hot! Too bad she only walked once. Could careless about the other girls.
  9. Wow! My new favorite girl. She got an amazing response at the VS Show that aired last night. The crowd went wild when she came out. Beautiful.
  10. Lovely pictures. However, they have confirmed what I've thought recently. Heidi's breasts have gotten smaller. I heard that having children could alter your body including breast size. I'm not a pervert. I'm just making an observation. Heidi is still my favorite model.
  11. I'm so glad that Heidi is back to her incredible shape. She will look AMAZING on the runway.
  12. Wow! Nice to see Marisa getting along well with all the other girls as if she's been an angel for a long time. Her career should sky rocket because of this.
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