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  1. Adam


    Thome is playing decent... He is frusturated at the plate though... Batthing like .206 right now... He's trying to hard I think and he is swinging at bad pitchers trying to get things going... He is hitting the ball hard though... Its only a matter of time... Phils are now 1.5 games back after winning their 4th and 5th straight games today...
  2. Adam


    My last reply to this topic was May 22 now its June 1 and the Phils are 2.5 games behind the Marlins for first place... They are 1 game under .500... Their offense is alive... Next week they will be the hottest team in baseball...
  3. If you don't take the shot your never gonna score... EAST COAST
  4. Adam


    The Phils have been playing good baseball the last 10 games... They played 4 more games than the first place Marlins... If they can win this next series against them I think the Phils are still in the hunt for another month...
  5. Got my bottom braces of yesterday... Hopefully within the month I'll get my top ones off... Baseball is almost over and Football starts next week... Summer is almost here...
  6. Adam


    It is a non-issue... The front office is so great thats why the Eagles are great every year... See noone else is gonna sign TO... He will either play for the Eagles or he wont play football at all this year... Look at the schedule, he will want to be back here playing anyway... Falcons on MNF (primetime) TO loves primetime... 49ers (former team)... and then Raiders (Randy Moss)... Once TO is back he will be productive and his superbowl ring will make him happier...
  7. Adam


    Yea... I love that color... Its brings out her beautiful eye color... Thanks Lullaby
  8. Adam


    Nice AAA video, sandrine! I loved it... Thanks
  9. Adam


    That is very hot...
  10. do you think I would want to know?
  11. Adam


    I loved the video... Thanks for sharing it
  12. Can you tell us, your majesty?
  13. Adam


    Yea the Panthers defense is pretty nasty... Too bad the Eagles and Panthers don't play unless they meet in the Playoffs... I am getting way ahead of myself, its only May man... I don't know if I can wait till September...
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