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  1. I like Paris too, even though she went though the sex video thing, after words she cleaned up really well and when she spoke about it on the news she did seem truely embarassed and it didnt sound like she did it just to be more famous. Plus i think she makes a great model and I like her clothes.
  2. britney spears makes the nastyest facial expressions she looks like a male crossdresser next to natalie portman
  3. I still love Smallville regardless of what they play as long as Chloe and Clark never get together cause Chloe just plan annoys me with her flubber arms
  4. Yes I'm enjoying watching something intersting every week on Smallville , but i dont like how they are straying away from the Superman Storyline, and personally I dont like the actress who plays Lois they could have picked a prettier girl to be with clark. And I HATE how they toy with Clark and Lanas relationship they keep dangleing the idea that they might get together and finding ways to get them sort of physcial by makeing one of them brain washed or dreaming or something but we never get to see anything REALLY happen between them. They need to get back to the basics of superman.
  5. I had a stupid friend that thought her lips were that size from injections, which im sure isnt true
  6. Oh really? thats intersting, did you know her personally ? was she a friend?
  7. Tomorrow are they playing a new ep? or is it re-runs again??
  8. she really has cleaned up her act from her dark-haired Dirrty days, i like her new Orangeish -Haired 20's look
  9. she def blossomed some from Harriet the Spy, even though she still looks really young, how old is she?
  10. Before the legend...before the icon...there was a teenager named Clark Kent (Tom Welling, Cheaper by the Dozen.) Between the boy he thought he was and the man he is destined to become are the stories of Smallville. Someday, he'll master his powers and understand his true calling. Now beginning its fourth season on The WB, this new interpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series...
  11. no but there is plenty of other nudity in it, guy and girl and you see alot of boobie
  12. I tried watching that Christmas Special, i got into 10 mins of it and decided haveing sex was better
  13. I saw it and liked it, if you liked Gladiator then go see Alexander, if nothing else then for seeing angelina jolie
  14. I guess ChilaX members are flocking to LimaX at least not all hope is lost in ChilaX's closeing
  15. I dont understand what ppl are talking about when they say she lost weight, what weight did she have in the first place?
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