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  1. aline&jacqueline tappia for posh magazine
  2. Yes Franluv that is definitely Marlon!
  3. I just went to a blog where I found out he's living with Paolo Anchisi! This makes my day! I love Paolo!!
  4. Wow his eyes are intense. He is just gorgeous.
  5. He looks great in the new stuff! Thank you!
  6. The Eclipse book was my favorite out of the four... but the movies drive me crazy. Replace Pattinson and Kristen needs to learn to act. Okay, there I'm done. Sorry guys. I still love Twilight either way!
  7. I always get him and Alex Pettyfer mixed up...
  8. Nataliya Piro looks way to much like Cintia. It's nuts. I like her though.
  9. He really is! I'm glad someone else loves him!! HA!
  10. Thank you a lot Jubs. I think he looks decent in most of the editorial but it just altogether has nothing special to it.
  11. I love his pose in the first photo. He looks wonderful. Thank you MauiKane.
  12. He looks different to me in the second picture. Thank you ganymede.
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