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  1. Hello, Don't know if it was posted : http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/interviews/a34278/natalia-vodianova-on-life-leo-and-not-looking-pregnant/
  2. http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/491328296-natalia-vodianova-with-her-children-viktor-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=X7WJLa88Cweo9HktRLaNXq7CrtF5J6dUAklSrlwQHpU%2bO5dR1vnvWUVFylbrofOhTA1y5uQA%2bdxnMYybnUo0uNhHPgPf1cJnfB0g0CW1aZw%3d Picasso Mania exibition, Grand Palais, october 4 2015
  3. Pictures in Nice were already posted by Meloni some days ago.
  4. I don't find her outfit strange, only up to date. Would be great on a twenty something. I like the fact that she dares wear an Etam top at a Dior event, espacially when she almost is Dior owner's daughter in law. I really like that she dares do that. I don't know where the dress is from (cheap brand or Dior?). Maybe - I insist, maybe - the outfit is a bit too young/too short for her now. Though she smiles, she looks tensed to me, so what is slightly disturbing (again, just to me) is the contrast between her big little girl silhouette and the reality of her actual life. Maybe that's more or le
  5. Thank you Melony. Nastassia I fully agree. She looks almost 10 years younger with straight hair.
  6. Yes indeed, nice to see Maxim ! Any idea about the place the picture was taken ? Was wondering about the archs. Any caption or clue in the russian magazine ? However thank you so much Meloni for the updates
  7. Not bad but aging, yes. Not bad though. Looks like a late forties photo, Christian Dior in 1947 or something. Elegant and very fresh. Somewhat classical. But aging though (especially the hair, I agree).
  8. Just LOVE all these pictures ! She's so fresh and incredibly simply beautiful. Thanks Meloni
  9. Happy to recognize Krsitina. Thank you Meloni.
  10. LA Veronika, I just disagree with you. Natalia looked way happier, natural, cool and confident with Justin. Just my opinion of course. Interesting family pictures though, thanks Meloni. So here is Natalia among Bernard Arnault's second wife (far left of some pics), AA's sister with beau businessman Xavier Niel. AA's sister had B.A.'s first grandchild with xavier Niel last year, a babygirl. Maxim is B.A's first grandson.
  11. 10413895_912267768800511_1330235359_n.jpg [email protected] :wub2:
  12. I don't like leather pants. As for a 6 month pregnant I think she manages fine with them.
  13. Thank you Meloni. AA doesn't look exactly thrilled to be present. I think he could be more supportive to Natalia by doing, I don't know, basic smiles.
  14. Right now live Natalia on french channel 5 about Etam show
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