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  1. Guessing there's no commentary in this thread because it's all about her ugly unibrow and they've all been removed.
  2. Find a girlfriend, fuck buddy, or wife, and if you already have one ask her if you can stare at her breasticals for awhile BoobsIRL > In a picture. Tell her you have lots of questions that need answering about funbags, and I'm sure she'll oblige XoXo - Pretty
  3. Give her another five years, it'll be butt implants and super lip fillers and her blue eye will glow in the dark, her breasts will be twice and big and she'll claim it's all "natural."
  4. It was a contact at first. Then this surgery comes along and she gets it. Also, I care, obviously. Because I hate liars. I hate liars who get famous off of it even more.
  5. Can't believe they let them zoom in on her eye so much so you can see that she had that color change surgery! I cannot and will not ever have any respect for this fake.
  6. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but Bellemere doesn't ask them to pose, he poses them. And puts them into painful positions. Unnatural poses on pointy rocks. He also acted very racist towards an Asian model and almost walked off of the shoot because he didn't want to work with her. He didn't find her attractive, so he acted like a spoiled brat. He was paid to take pictures, not judge the models chosen.
  7. Now, same editorial with no flowers. Haha
  8. Voting for her supports her plastic surgery addiction. (I know she's not actually addicted, but it is too much..)
  9. So..whoever's job it is to photoshop out what's visible through the seethrough...didn't do their job..
  10. By the recent look of her eye, she got that ridiculous surgery that changes the color of your eye. So now it really is blue. Just not natural at all. Of course it never was, but now she doesn't have to worry about a contact slip.
  11. It's early on into the interview process at the start. When they bring up Rachel, he calls her breasts "balloons" and something to the effect of them being gross. It's been a few weeks..hard to remember exactly what was said. But he did say they were balloons.
  12. I don't mind her boobs, they're not those cross over inflated ones you see on some models. They fit her, and if it helps boost her confidence, more power to her. And her personality seems pretty genuine. I hope this documentary tanks Bellemere's career.
  13. David is a masochist, those pictures at the end were disturbing to say the least. And that ditsy asian girl he was fawning after was just him wanting to get in her pants. The documentary should have been called "Weird Douche: The Story of David Bellemere"
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