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  1. At least they fit her frame and she didn't go bigger than her body type. Sandra Kubicka has implants and they look fine. In fashion and such they want the most aesthetic body for their clothes and such. It's not really society, it's the industry. Same reason Sandra got her's done.
  2. Got my hopes up, but that's not her.
  3. Post a picture with a sign of some sort to prove it's you and I'm sure a moderator will be more than happy to help you out with the removal of the pictures. But as it is currently, anyone can name themselves whatever they want and claim copyright. The pictures are however on a dozen other websites that come up on Google, so sorry to say, getting them off the internet is a losing battle. Remember when Beyonce wanted that pic of her making an ugly face off the internet? Not possible.
  4. No problem, took some time to find. All the sites were in German..
  5. Full name Celine Bethmann
  6. Already like her! Minus the pink hair ones..
  7. Agreed
  8. Good god I didn't think through putting them all in one post...
  9. Agency: Ludlow Scout Now sure how well this works. This is EVERY picture of her I could possibly find. No real organization to them, sorry. Some modelling, some instagram, some twitter..
  10. The most annoying thing about the Nu Muses Calendar..we'll never see any of it. It's $1000 for the cheapest way to get your hands on the pics..
  11. Anyone know who the model with her is???
  12. She really needs to get a better contact if she's gonna stick with this blue eye thing. Edit: That's right I'm still harping on it!
  13. Yowza!
  14. The issue is for sale for $30 bucks. Who wants to buy it digital and share it? Lol
  15. When will they stop trying to make smoking alluring?