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  1. you have to see this video gabriel,marlon,francisko and kelly osborn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQa8GifYFNo...player_embedded
  2. his old interwiu Quote: When SPFW website discovered and pointed Marlon as the next bet for the male models market, we didn’t doubt he would rock outside Brazil. No sooner said than done. We shot Marlon in his first day in São Paulo, in the following day he’d go to Milan and then, to the world. Walking on the successful-model path, Marlon was in the most important male shows of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks and enthralled fashion editors and photographers. Back to Brazil after only an international season, Marlon told us how was to sign an exclusivity contract with Dior Homme, one of his most important works outside Brazil and still reveals how it was to work with Karl Lagerfeld “It’s easier than you imagine”. Site SPFW: How was to photograph a campaign and sign an exclusivity contract with Dior Homme? Marlon Teixeira: Very good! Everything started when I walked for them in the fall/winter 2008 show and since then I had lucky to get this contract that lasts until July 2009, when I shoot the winter 2009 ad campaign. SPFW: And how was to work with Karl Lagerfeld? MT: It was easy. People think he is a cold person, but working with him was easier than you can imagine and in the studio he is very funny and he is always smiling, talking to people… SPFW: You shot a lot of editorials and campaigns abroad during your stay in Paris and Milan. Which ones were the most interesting and remarkable to do? MT: My first big work was Armani Jeans campaign that I photographed in April 2008, in October I shot for Dior Homme; besides that the coolest editorial I did was for Dazed & Confused that I photographed with Mariano Vivanco. This editorial is very fashionable and has some dark references that I loved. Besides that, the campaign for Armani was one of the most significant experiences for me, because who shot it was Met Alas & Marcus Piggot, they taught me a lot that day: how to pose and what to do and don’t do during a photo shooting and so. Ah, I can’t forget the campaign for Triton that I shot at the beginning of the year, and the campaigns for Osklen and Custo Barcelona. SPFW: Future works. What can you tell us? MT: I’m can be in Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani campaigns, but they haven’t been confirmed yet, so I can’t tell you what I’m going to do. I hope they really happen. And in June I’ll try to juggle fashion weeks in Europe with SPFW – as I haven’t done any show in our national season, I’ll do my best to walk here I the middle of the year. SPFW: When you’re not shooting anything, or on runways or travelling, what do you like doing to relax and have fun? There’s nothing better than vacation, right? I always lived next to beach (Marlon is from Balneário Camburiu, Santa Catarina) and maybe that’s why I want to go a beach as soon as I can. The beach is good for me and for my family too, so if I have all this plus the contact and help from my friends, there’s no way to not have fun. I love to surf and to be next to places I love, there’s nothing better – it’s my haunt. SPFW: How was your fist international trip? MT: I remember very clearly of this trip, it was January 1st 2008, and I went straight to Paris, then to Milan. It was my first international trip. I didn’t know how to speak English, I was 16, the culture of the countries is so different and everything was weird to me. It was hard, yes, but I made with mimes and draws! SPFW: Are you a conceited man? MT: (he laughs) All of us are! Even me, but not so much. I don’t use lotions, for example, because I think I don’t need to, and also because I don’t have that habit. Maybe I’ll take care more of myself, but right now I don’t need anything besides exercises and working out. http://www.menstyle.it/interactive/img/dat...869496_base.jpg
  3. hear is last video what i found of him.it's short but cool.it's not like three i post before but he lucks wery cool
  4. heare iz one more video of him,ist from capricho,and he talkinggggggggggg. you must watch it. this and serhio k video are best video of him
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw6AuLuRuiU marlon for serhio k,watchhhhhhhhhhhh hi is wauuuuuuuuu
  6. marlon,jamie and julian.watch thay are so hot
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