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  1. @shaninamshaik : Holding onto summer like ....️ snapchat ShaninaMShaik
  2. @shaninamshaik : Sunrise on the playa #burningman captured by @keeponlooking #throwback #tbt @djruckusofficial : Pictures that save you when your thousands of miles away from these 2. So cute I can't take it! Singapore tonight! #dj life #dgilife #privatestash @shaninamshaik @choppadafrenchie
  3. Shanina Shaik – Harpers Bazaar ICONS Event in NY
  4. Wow ! Thank you, clau She is glowing on every pics That new project is funny !
  5. Uncropped pics (while waiting for HQ's... )
  6. Great adds. Thanks Red suits her so well
  7. Thanks, clau She was fabulous in that suit Sara and Taylor are such a pleasure for eyes
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