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  1. I found these pictures on the Fashion Spot! Enjoy!!! And kiss to all the fans!!!!!!!
  2. And a second one (same source) from Cleo NZ (april 2002). Miranda was very young but we can see she was already wonderful! She was born to be a supermodel!
  3. Hello everybody! I don't think anybody post this editorial on Miranda's Thread (I saw all the pages, there is only one picture from it). It's not new but it's beautiful and funny! Enjoy! I found it on the best website about Miranda : Miranda Kerr Web!!!! And it's from Madison (january 2006).
  4. Thank you, Blair! Miranda is the most beautiful even if she just have a light make-up! She is so natural! And she is the only one model who doesn't need photoshop! She is as beautiful in a photoshoot and in the real life !
  5. As I'm concerned, Candice is the perfect example of a "classic beauty", perfect blond with blue eyes. Even if she is not my favorite's model (my heart belongs to my Miranda ), I think she is wonderful ! Love her!!! And I love to see Miranda and Candice together cause they compliment each other, isn't it?
  6. Hello everyone! I try to upload a new pic of Candice (but I'm not sure it will appear... so fingers crossed!!!). It's from The Skinny Website! She was at the last Victoria' Secret Event (for The Nakeds campaign).
  7. She outshines Candice ou Alessandra! She is absolutely stunning! I could only look at her!
  8. Doutzen won't leave Victoria's Secret. I think it's Victoria's Secret wich won't renew her contract. Big difference. And I don't agree with you. Candice, Miranda, Rosie, Alessandra, Lindsay, Marisa, Behati are very beautiful in there own (and different) way -much more Adriana or Doutzen. They are beautiful women too, but they are absolutely not lingerie models! They haven't the body for that (but they have pretty faces)! And that's why the brand doesn't use them (especillaly Doutzen, cause Adriana had her baby, of course) for their events for long, long time. Look at the 15th Swim Catalogue Anniversary : it was Al, Miranda and Candice! And it will be these three models again for the Mother day! There is a reason...
  9. Adorable!!!!! Thanks!!!!! I agree! Natalia is always so cute! I love her soooo much!
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