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  1. Yessss !!! She is so beautiful When I look at these pics, I want summer backs ! Thank you, Le Gator
  2. I LOVE the candids ! Thank you, Emerald We have so many pics these days... Sara is becoming more and more famous !
  3. @sarasampaio : When u think a bank gives u a nice backdrop! @shopredone @shotbybryce
  4. @shaninamshaik : ROCK-A-BYE-BABY lol #choppathefrenchie #lookathisface #gotosleep
  5. 100% agree with you, clau ! She is really perfect for HF work And thanks bruno fo these wonderful pics
  6. Vogue España - October 2015 Source : Zorka @TFS
  7. + 2 pics from last event Source : Sara's twitter
  8. So pretty on Harper's Bazaar cover
  9. Sara Sampaio attends the premiere of ‘The Intern’ in NYC - 9/21 Source : Sarasampaios.tumblr
  10. @sarasampaio : movie night #theintern
  11. @vitasidorkina : The Bohemian Life at #fcancer charity fundraiser event donate at fcancer.org to help cancer charities around the world @fcancerp #thebohemianlife
  12. @romeestrijd : Bye NYC, off to London for the weekend
  13. @bragadany : In love with his art!!! amando a arte dele #art #galerie #buterfly
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