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  1. has a new set of my chemical romance
  2. ok here's your set it's a pretty simple set, so hope you don't mind also please credit me if you use!
  3. you know it's hard to say how tall a model is. cause each source tends to say different things. but i've heard that agencies add an inch or two on their models' profiles so they seem taller than they really are. so i'm not sure how tall she is..i'm guessing she's about 5'8''-5'9''....it's hard to tell from her pics, cause she has short legs...but a long torso. adriana has longer legs so she looks taller..
  4. that's really interesting that she has so many ethnicities! me...i'm just fulll...korean haha how boring! but adriana and othere mixed people just seem so much more international and interesting <if that makes sense >
  5. omgsh thank you SO mucH! i've never seen HQs from that VSFS before
  6. ^ exactly. certain flaws can definitely make someone look beautiful, striking, and unique. i think adriana is beuatiful and her small flaws make her even more beautiful!
  7. ^ marisa miller is a perfect 10 for each category
  8. Hally Berry Face:8 Body:8 Sexiness:7 Natural Beauty:7 Marisa Miller Face:10 Body:10 Sexiness:10 Natural Beauty:10 Caroline Francischini Face:5 Body:8 Sexiness:4 Natural Beauty:4
  9. haha yeah it was on last wednesday <august 1st> it was heidi & marisa miller @ the LA grove
  10. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  11. mm i don't like texan accents but this lady @ my work came in and was from new zealand and had a pretyt cool accent
  12. new aviator sunglasses that acutally look ok on me and what a buy! @ only 6 dollars
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