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  1. mm that's hard.....chanel christian lacroix <probably spelled it wrong> or christian dior
  2. supposed to be sleeping as well
  3. haha yes mm i think i know what you mean are you an adriana fan??
  4. mm i can't make you an animation avi, but i can definitely make you a siggy with those pics...is that cool? and i'm sure someone else will make you an animatio avi
  5. i must say that after watching katherine on the TYRA BANKS show, i love her now haha i've never heard her sing before, but her personality is so bubbly and cute! haha she let tyra banks feel her boobs so that people know that her boobs are real i was laughing so hard haha
  6. 1. Why did you choose the one you have? i love marilyn monroe's pics especially the collection of pics used in my set 2. Who or what is it? marilyn monroe 3. How often do you change it? when i'm bored or unhappy with it
  7. Sex - Female Age - 17 Marital status - Single Height/Weight - 5'6''/108 pounds Sexual Orientation - Straight Location - CALIFORNIA Work/Education - work: sales person @ the Beauty Center :)/ education: about to be a senior @ Gahr High
  8. haha not at the moment are you sleepy?
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