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  1. ^ i guess that's true. . .but in my opinion, i think models look better with curves. like victoria's secret models. gemma ward is very slim with not a lot of curves but she's like a supermodel!!! but there are very unique looks to gemma that make her very "modely." mischa barton is pretty, but she's just mediocre, to me
  2. she has a very slim figure, but absolutely no curves, so it doesn't give her a "modely" quality.
  3. shes absolutely GORGEOUS!!! i never really thought she was pretty cause of her mullet, which in my opinnion i never thought it looked good on her, but now that she's "matured" she really does look gorgeous & is one of my favorite celebrities. @ some angles she relaly looks like charlize theron, another favorite of mine.
  4. i think she's gorgeous & i love her estee lauder ads...as for the TAPE, i feel bad for her...her ex-husband. ...mann what an a**
  5. how ? cause it can damage your skin, & like it'll be harder for her to breath & all esp. when she's on the runway.....
  6. i guess i have to agree with you. she's too cute & pretty to be an angel, cause VS ANGELS are sexy, & she doesn't have the "sex-appeal" thoug she's gorgeous like the rest of the ANGELS but doesn't have the whole package.
  7. yes the newest angel. i think she's gorgeous!
  8. so gorgeous!! but she should stop the smoking cause it can interfere with her modeling
  9. i think rachel should have gotten the role in fantastic four because she's MUCH better actress. come on now, she was GREAT in the notebook & in mean girls. all jesica alba is, is a pretty face, though i am a fan of hers. but in this case, rachel is a far better actress than alba
  10. she's absolutely GORGEOUS!! but she has ugly feet though, esp. when i saw them in Kill Bill >_< but nonetheless, she is gorgeous!
  11. pic1 http://us.tv1.yimg.com/tv.yahoo.com/images...cross/emmy4.jpg i LOVED this gown she wore. BY: Elie Saab! one of the BEST designers that designs gowns! absolutely GORGEOUS! http://us.tv1.yimg.com/tv.yahoo.com/images..._cross/emmy.jpg http://us.tv1.yimg.com/tv.yahoo.com/images...ss/emmys05c.jpg here's some pictures of Marcia Cross @ the Emmys Please do not hotlink. -Lullaby
  12. thanks for starting a thread!! Marcia Cross is my FAVORITE on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!
  13. EXACTLY!! AMEN ^^ i so agree with you. why post up a topic of a celebrity and bash about her?? that's just dumb.
  14. but i must agree on some points that Christina is an AWESOME singer!! she has a KILLER voice! but she HAS cleaned up her dirrtyness & she looks like a classic beauty now.
  15. i absolutely LOVE GWEN!! her style & music are both unique & i LOVE them both! she has a killer style!
  16. well during the making of Mr. & Mrs. Smith witnesses said that when they saw Brad & Angelina together, it looked as if they were a couple too, so it's just whatevers.
  17. she is absolutely GORGEOUS!! thanks for the beautiful pics!
  18. i LOVE her!! she was SO GREAT in Memoirs of a Geisha, i loved that book & i lOVED the movie, cause of her! i think she is gorgeous, without a doubt!
  19. First of all, good luck finding a girlfriend. Second of all, high fashion isn't really about pretty. Also, I think many of the girls would have looked more high fashion if they were either skinnier or photographed differently. yeah cause in the modeling industry, your flaws MAKE you look pretty and gorgeous! because if all models were conventionally pretty, it would be just wjatever. but since some models have flaws in their appearance, it makes them look gorgeous.
  20. i agree, Nik had MUCH better pictures than nicole. i bet if janice dickinson was still a judge, she woulda won. but for some reason Twiggy favored nicole, so she won. i was mad
  21. one of my FAVORITE models ever!! after adriana lima of course
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