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  1. candice is so beautiful! i can't believe i wasn't a fan for her before, but she's incredibly gorgeous! and she was one of the few models who did well in the VSFS 08 and in some pics/angles she reminds me of olivia wilde
  2. i think kristen is very uniquely-beautiful she has a nice sense of style too, a bit 'rocker-chic'
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    exactly how i feel the show wasn't as great as i thought it'd be, but it was a whole lot better than 07's, outfits+models+horrible runway walks/kissy poses and such was just too much in a really really bad way. but nonetheless the outfits and models chosen were pretty ok....the themes were really good too
  4. well the show was AS good as i thought and hoped it would be but it wasnt the worst definitely was glamorous wait so what was up with karolina's outfit? so she was supposed to be included in the 'black tie' segment but had a wardrobe malfunction so she couldn't? i felt bad for her, and i don't blame her for telling the camera men to get out, anyways i did think adriana did a really great job, i loved that she opened the show again like last year but i think pretty much almost all the oufits were really beautiful i do think that some models went a little overboard :x again like last year. but most of the models were great. the pink planet was really cute behati's starting to grow on me and i think candice is really beautiful but i was surprised that adriana didn't open the black tie segment since she was wearing the fantasy bra, i thought that since i saw selita opening, adriana would at least be closing it cause of the fantasy bra. it was weird to see her somewhere in the middle of the segment i think it woulda been better, cause in 05, 06, and 07, the models who wore the fantasy bras opened the show. ah well. and i was seriously waiting for that surprise heidi was talking about, what was it? i thought that since kanye west's 'love lockdown' was playing that he'd pop outta no where and would be a surprise featured artist...but no.
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    yes it is! i was a bit skeptical when i heard the theme of this year's show is 'glamour' especially after i saw heidi and adriana's fitting vids. no offense, but in the fitting vids the outfits looks pretty ugly but once i saw the runway pics, the outfits AND the stage setting are both glamorous looking! i really can't wait til the show and i really do hope this year's show will be JUST as good as 05 and 03's
  6. thanks so much tom for the BEAUTIFUL HQs of julia !
  7. yay ANA BB looks so beautiful! i'm so glad she's in the victoria's secret fahsion show again! last year just wasn't the same without her
  8. agree doutz is such an attention whore
  9. aw her outfit is so cute! ....let's hope she doesn't do anything funky with her arms while she walks down the runway...last year's was really weird
  10. thank you SOOO much nothingless for the BEAUTIFUL runway pictures for alll the models not just alessandra's!
  11. Yeah, while looking through her recent work I thought the same thing.
  12. selita looks really beautiful, although i'm not really digging the short hair i wish they'd stuck some extensions in her hair like in the previous fahsion shows..ah well. and i absolutely LOVE her goddess outfit with the wings on her arms, and the way she struck that pose with her arms up looks really beautiful! maybe this year she did better...cause in the previous vsfs...she was....pretty....horrible...
  13. OMGSH i just wanna say a HUGE thank you, esp. to nothingless , and others who uploaded these BEAUTIFUL HQ pics of adriana ! i'm so happy, cause the quality of the pics are SOOO much better than the ones from last year's fashion show thanks again! oh man, i can't decide which pics to use for a new set and wallpaper haha i think imma have a new set like every other day
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    OMGSH!!! i'm so excited for the fashion show now! the show IS back to glamour the outfits are all so beautiful! and i love how the models aren't pounded with so much makeup, it looks more natural and beautiful everyone looks so gorgeous! and i absolutely love the set too. i was worried that it'd be kinda weird when i first saw the design of the stage and set, but after seeing it, it looks absolutely beautiful adn really complements the outfits without washing it out too much can't wait to see the show and HQs too ! thanks for the pics~
  15. adriana looks amazing! anyways can someone tell me what the themes were for this fashion show?
  16. i know! she looks even more beautiful, if that's possible . haha i know, her body looks amazing. people usually bounce back real fast after pregnancy with their first child though.
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