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  1. Awesome video of Kristen from 1992.
  2. Wishing Kristen a very happy birthday today. :Dinah: 50 years old! Unreal.
  3. Indeed, and she cried for days afterwards, thinking she had ruined her career by cutting her hair short. But we all know how that turned out. This picture here I believe is an outtake from the editorial in posted by PhilA in post #6068. Linda with Peter Lindbergh and Paul Cavaco.
  4. Thanks a lot PhilA for your scans. For those who don't know, the second-to-last picture is the white shirt picture, taken after Linda first cut her hair short. And it's also the cover image of the book.
  5. I believe this is Emina in this ad
  6. ^Thanks Tito. Linda with Bruce Weber at tonight's event for Art Basel
  7. Is this her? I know nothing about her, and I was not familiar with her back in the day.
  8. Fun interview, thanks for posting it.
  9. She had a rare combination of an amazing figure and a very seductive way of walking (they called her The Panther). No one else was like that. So in terms of overall sexiness, I think probably only Stephanie Seymour could come close.
  10. ^Thank you, glad to see her on a new cover.
  11. Lancaster ad, 1980 model: Esmé Marshall scanned by justaguy
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