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  1. simplyvs- The thumbnails to some of the pics you posted (the ones above) don't seem to be working...would you mind checking them? Second, THANK YOU. These are stunning.
  2. Thank you! I posted some of her Forever 21 pics in her forum.
  3. I've searched through this forum for all the previously ID'd Forever21 models, but I didn't find this one. Anyone know who she is?
  4. I know this is from a few pages back, but I just saw it, and I can't resist pointing out that if this woman in fact owns an Empire Strikes Back poster, she just became even more beautiful to me, if that's possible.
  5. Well, I suppose if you're the kind of person who wants to believe that supermodels were probably all ugly girls with braces who grew out of it, in Elsa's case, you'd be half right.
  6. Chanel looked awesome in SI- Rookie of the Year in my opinion. You can vote for her here: http://swimsuit.si.com/swimsuit/2014-rookie-of-the-year/
  7. Is there a video out there that can explain to me why Chrissy Teigen is actually in the Swimsuit Issue, but Alyssa Miller is not? What was it? Polar Vortex? Zombie Apocalypse? Cynical Cronyism?
  8. Amen. Lily and Nina look awesome on the cover, but Alyssa would have made it a perfect trio.
  9. Kinda thinking this forum is overdue for an update. Some of these may be reposts.
  10. As the days pass, it seems less and less likely that Alyssa is in SI this year, and if that's the case, I hope it was her choice and not theirs. She's been my favorite every year she's been in the swimsuit issue, and I was actually hoping she might get the cover this year. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
  11. Sorry I missed that, but thanks for the info.
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