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  1. thanks so much everyone! :grouphug: :grouphug:

    and riv do you mean like a redhead's orange or like fire orange? because i tried to go blonde once and I got fire orange and so i just bleached it like a dumby! :laugh: but I hear you can put a demi-permanent color over orange hair to tone it down a little ;) but there isn't anything wrong with fiery orange hair and I bet you look gorgeous with any hair color :yes:

  2. ^ okay so there is a big asian population here in brazil and i wouldn't be surprised if there is asian somewhere in his family tree... but lachowski is NOT a portuguese name. like you guys said, it's a polish name so i also wouldn't be surprised if there is only a little bit of portuguese in him...

    I am told I look white but I have a full portuguese name but one side of my family is european. we are a melting pot for sure :D


    oh btw I got my hair cut today like francisco's... i can't decide if i like it or not. i totally took a picture like francisco too :laugh:


    i'm a copycat :p

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