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  1. thanks for the bday wishes my sweet and sexy kiki. wouldve been better if a certain french vixen was here.

  2. thanks for the bday wishes my sweet and sexy kiki. wouldve been better if a certain french vixen was here.

  3. wow, this place looks like the wau it is run now: like crap.

  4. That's bz for you, where the shit rises and the nice gets flushed away.

  5. Because she was too nice and contributed too much. Some people didn't like that so they banned her. The trained monkeys that run this place have no spine and just go along with "the cool kids"

  6. I'm sure ill be next with what I plan to say.

  7. Because the moronic staff on here gave some bullshit excuse of complaints just so they could ban her, most likely cause one or two people didn't like her.

  8. Let the haters hate. You stay true to who you are.

  9. Yrahhhhhh. You're hoping on the Dita express for a Sig. Awesome. And I love my new set, thanks hun.

  10. Hey dc, what's shaking?

  11. And ur shape has a lot of charm. Some of us like curvy over petite. You should see how your body gets reactions. You have a great shape that is very eye popping and heart racing good.

  12. Back to 3 for you

  13. Oh, just someone I thought was a friend that I've known for years seems to be giving mw the cold shoulder for no reason.

  14. You too dc. Hope the Easter bunny is good to you.

  15. I'm assuming we will talk before than, but happy Easter to you too

  16. Who is that girl with viggo? Can't imagine you want that in there. Lolll

  17. Lame immature people. Sad this is the only way they can do anything, like it would really hurt.

  18. Back to lima I see. Very nice indeed.

  19. Oh yes I did. And you are gonna work it hard tonight at the gym, or I will raise MY brow.


  21. Don't know about that. You laughed at my mean face before and said it was "adorable". Lollll I guess i don't have the tough guy look.

  22. U ready for the gym or do i need to go all drill sargent on you?

  23. Morning hun. Hope you're feeling better. Missed ya sassy self yesterday.

  24. So sorry to hear that ALL your couple friends live in Tenn.

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