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  1. Todo bien tambien :) x dicha... Y creeme, entiendo demasiado eso q decis de la gente dolor en el culo, hay como un grupito x aqui q me cae en las bolas... en realidad ya solo vengo aca para postear en el thread d Anna y para saludar a las personas q me caen bien como vos :)

  2. Pix

    no i was not booing with that intention.. :( i don't want 2 scare u anymore :hug: , the pizza incident was good enough :shifty:

  3. Leahita porque andas tan desaoarecida? jaja hace tiempo no te apareces ni por el thread de Anna! haha, como has estado? ^_^

  4. Flair Italy June 2010 Photographer: Matthias Vriens Mcgrath Hair and make-up: Maranda and Robin Black
  5. Teen Vogue Sweet Dreams: Prom Dresses by Jason Kibbler teenvogue.com
  6. Pix

    Funny Videos

    This is a video of the 6.2 earthquake that occured last year in my country. It was tragic for a lot of people, I'm glad nothing bad happened to my family and I. Even though it was a disaster, there's a video that is very popular here of two "physcologists" who were filming their show a few minutes before the earthquake occured, and a lot of people consider it very funny (including myself haha) because of their funny reactions. Nobody really likes this show because they're not professionals, it's a waste of time, very boring and they're always making stupid jokes... but after they uploaded this video on youtube, somehow their rating increased a lot
  7. Pix

    Alend King

    Alend for Tu Felix Austria /monthly_05_2010/post-35411-0-1446027802-92681_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2994141" alt="post-35411-0-1446027802-92681_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="135.08"> /monthly_05_2010/post-35411-0-1446027803-04075_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2994150" alt="post-35411-0-1446027803-04075_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="149.88"> And 3 HQs : /monthly_05_2010/post-35411-0-1446027803-29183_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2994168" alt="post-35411-0-1446027803-29183_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150">
  8. Pix

    Alend King

    Vienna Awards 2010
  9. what a beautiful vision at Dior!...
  10. Beauty Autumn-Winter 2010-2011
  11. Oh.. well i was going to add u there too ^^ , but if u don't use it maybe it won't be very useful haha

  12. Pix

    Alend King

    STYLE UP YOUR LIFE! Fashion Event @ Le Meredien - Vienna, Austria
  13. No prob then .. just wanted to know if u are 2 at tfs? :P

  14. Pix

    Alend King

    Alend by Michael Brus - outtakes
  15. Anna for iO Donna Magazine by Thomas N├╝tzl
  16. Loved the video! such an amazing girl
  17. Pix

    Alend King

    Millenium City Model Award 2009 Former winners Alend King and Larissa Marolt with 2009 winners Jakopovic Victoria and Mario Loncarski Interview with former winner Alend King
  18. Hmm.. that's strange, 'cause I have responded all of your e mails.. which was the last u sent me?

  19. Jordan. starring Jordan Coulter (vny model management nyc) thanks to Carlotta Sironi and James Buckney
  20. New editorial and looking beautiful like always ...
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