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  1. she looks so chic with short hair
  2. I remember the good all days... BZ is dead now.
  3. Adriana Well, for the next one, I'll be a bit more specific... please! Find me a photo of Snejana Onopka, Sasha Pivovarova and Abbey Lee Kershaw together. They don't have to be hugging or interacting between them, I just need the 3 of them in the same photo. tia!
  4. Pix

    TY my dearest! :DDDD

  5. Lyon

    Heyhey, I assume you will come to BZ sometimes, so happy birthday :D

  6. gOOOSH.. I really hate how fake she looks in those beauty shots, they ruined her natural beauty.
  7. did you recive my pm?

  8. this is? http://exclusive-management.com/default.aspx but nothing of Anna at the moment Cool, how do you know this will be her new agency?
  9. What about her new agency in Paris? ... any news?
  10. Ok, is not a secret for anyone that Anna and Camille are very good friends, but are they more than just good friends? ... I was looking for new pictures of Anna, and I found a picture from a very restricted blog (called "the L chat" or something like that) which of course I have no permission to access, but it seems that there's a conversation in which the members from this blog discuss that apparently the girls who appear to be kissing in this photo are Anna and Camille, what do you guys think... could this be true? s1.zetaboards.com
  11. She isn't with VIVA anymore, does anyone know which is her new agency in Paris?
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