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    mathias lauridsen. fashion. music.
  1. Milan fashion week came and went.... WHERE IS MATHIAS?
  2. Where is this picture from? I don't remember seeing it before and its always nice to see him smiling. all his shoots are always serious!
  3. BUMP. Mathias is watching you... happy november everyone !
  4. i feel like bart grein looks like mathias just a bit . but uglier of course. . .
  5. Michael Kors makes Mathias look like a sexy beach goer ! and Yigal brings out the blues in his eyes . :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. so happy to see he is working so much, summer in the city has meant new works and new pics for us to see! yes i agree! hopefully its just a bit of what is to come!
  7. mathias will win of course ! but i cant help but like alex pettyfer You must be very brave to admit this here . I donĀ“t know Alex I only know he is an actor but never saw him. he has also done some modeling jobs. i appreciate all male models
  8. mathias will win of course ! but i cant help but like alex pettyfer
  9. saw this floating around tumblr nyfw mathias ? fancy.
  10. can we just all take a minute and appreciate this massimo picture ? and the lower east side sounds like a very good idea ! hopefully NYFW shows up something with mathias !
  11. OMG...OMG... Thank you so much Munichmarty, I can even breathe. :drool: :drool: Every time I watch him in that video I wonder why doesn't he act in movies :evil: I WANT TO MOVE TO NEW YORK IMMEDIATELY. <_<
  12. I just saw the september issue of GQ magazine and am here to report that MATHIAS holds a 4 page ad spot of the salvatore ferragamo campaign pictures are repost i cant help to stare at them. three black and white. one color cant seem to find the color picture i saw in the magazine
  13. oh oops apparently i am two pages behind in thread. well re post then
  14. has this been posted yet? Mathias Lauridsen by Mikael Jansson for Salvatore Ferragamo fall winter 11/12. an ad campaign means mathiassss is at work !
  15. i wonder if Peek & Cloppenburg have a catalog that i can order? i want new mathias pictures to hold ...or simply mathias will do. i do realize this is a mathias blog but i must note that francisco lachowski is extremely upcoming. to follow in the footsteps of mathias ? seems to be very popular
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