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  1. I feel like Nina's Aerie shoots are far more visually interesting and artistic than the other companies she works for. At least they stand out to me that way...
  2. What a crazy badunka-dunk. Epic booty for the win!
  3. Love those new avon pics! She is very much climbing my favorites list.
  4. I love her "no shirt, no problem" philosophy!
  5. Sweet momma! One of my favorite shoots of Olivia for a while now. Love that second pic.
  6. Gorgeous woman! I love her hair bangs.
  7. I like the one without words and stuff... Thanks to you both though!
  8. Han Solo

    Emmy Rossum

    Man, she's all kinds of hot. Thanks lonewolf!
  9. Wow! She looks great! That color really works for her.
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