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  1. I didm't know they discontinuer their sim collection ! it's so sad (being an hardcore fan of their collection and all)! I hope they will change their mind though !
  2. She looks stunning as amways ! Hope she'll also shoot for Swim and lingerie !
  3. So happy for Candice ! Can't wait to see her beautiful baby !
  4. They are going to have one very beautiful baby ! Wonder who's next ? Candice maybe ?
  5. I know that VS is trying to promote their new angels but I do wish they also launch new pictures of Adriana, Alessandra Candice and the gang ! I miss them !
  6. Shhe could pass as Candice's long lost sister !
  7. Indeed ! They are VS queens ! Now I'm super excited and can't wait to see all the promo with the girls !
  8. Omg ! Two fantasy bras ! And with Ale and Adi ! Best news ever !
  9. Candice and Lily are one of VS best combination !
  10. Love the vogue bts photoshoot ! Adriana Lilye and candice seem so laid back and cool !
  11. I seriously don't understand why VS doesn't post more pictures of her on their website !
  12. I agree ! Super cute ! Nina seems to have such a fun and bubbly personnality too !
  13. That woman never seems to age ! And I agree she has an amazing skin !
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