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  1. Breathtaking! Thank you, @ArianaVSCouture!
  2. About the documentary... it was so long ago, but I don't think they showed the runway show... Julia and another blonde model were definitely wearing crinolines (most certainly from the Galliano collection) but it was sort of a video segment shot in what reminds me of Vienna horse stables (if you google Vienna stables you will know what I mean :D), an immense beautiful hall and they were running and acting as the models did in the runway show, like they were lost or in panic etc. flailing crinoline skirts all over the place It bugs me now, as well... So weird it's impossible to find online.
  3. Thank you so much, dear @ArianaVSCouture, for so many amazing runway photos of Julia! Yet another thread lives because of your efforts! 🙏
  4. Meet Julia Schönberg, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Longtime Muse BY LAIRD BORRELLI-PERSSON January 23, 2020 have been many notable cameos in Jean Paul Gaultier’s shows, but the appearance that always mattered the most to me was that of the woman who everything started with, the designer’s muse and fit model turned studio assistant, Julia Schönberg. It wasn’t just that she was so beautiful; here was a woman with a self-assured presence and quiet confidence. Not to mention range: Over the years she transformed herself into many guises on the Gaultier runway, from Frida Kahlo to femme fatale. Last night Schönberg made two appearances in the designer’s extravaganza of a swan song—three if you count the navy-and-white lace dress Bella Hadid wore that Schönberg debuted on the runway in 2002. Schönberg was born in Luanda, Angola, to an Angolan-Portuguese father and an Angolan-German mother. The family left the country during the country’s war of independence and settled in Portugal. It was in Lisbon, at 17, that Schönberg was stopped on the street by the Portuguese model Susana Sabino, who did the couture shows for Chanel and Dior, and was visiting on vacation. “I thought it was a big joke because I didn’t consider myself especially beautiful, but I [thought], I’ll just take my chance, and it worked rather quickly,” explains Schönberg from her home in Provence. Gaultier first saw his future muse in an editorial in i-D magazine and searched the model out. Schönberg made her Gaultier debut walking in the designer’s “Chic Rabbis” collection of fall 1993. “That was the starting point, and then he forgot me for a while because I was doing other shows and he [was looking for] another image [than mine] at that time. Then, about two years [later], he called me again, and we haven’t separated since.” (Well, until the model left Paris eight years ago, that is.) Here Schönberg speaks to Vogue about coming into Gaultier’s orbit and becoming his muse. On becoming Gaultier’s fit model: “I started by doing the shows, and then very soon Jean Paul realized I could be a fittings model because I had the right measurements, I had the right posture, and I had the right inclination of his image of a woman. Everybody says, which is true, [that Gaultier designs for a] strong woman. I think we are all strong anyway, so this is not the issue. I think that…he likes a woman who can have a masculine attitude, but also be very, very feminine. [In this way] a person can be complete, in the sense [of their] image. This image that he put on me is actually the image I have of myself. Nothing was studied, I was not acting, it was just part of my personality. In the beginning I was just there for some hours to do the fittings, but it soon became days because he realized that my image was inspiring for him to go forward in his research of materials, shapes, and [overall] image. His entourage is a small team and we all had something to say; it was a true collaboration. I was not the fit model who was just there in front of the mirror; we were all participating in [shaping] this new image that he had to invent each for each season.” On Gaultier’s sense of fun: “Jean Paul is basically a very positive and happy person, and he really tried to transmit this happiness through his collections. He had the power of [giving] mise-en-scènes to the shows that were so intelligent. He transformed his collections by the music, by the lights. The moods change [over time], but I think there’s something unchanging in Jean Paul, and I think that’s one of the reasons for his success. In all of his collections, he always tried to bring the fun because he sees reality in a fun way. And even if fashion is a huge business, for him it’s a fun business. He has to amuse himself, he has to amuse others; it’s his way of [elevating] everything.” On diversity: “Diversity is also one of the great pillars of Gaultier. He accepts everybody because he thinks everybody is beautiful, which is true. He just has so much respect and so much love to think like this, to accept people as they are—and he took a risk. It was a strong statement; nobody else [was doing this in the ’90s]. Nobody had the courage to do it, and he did it. He stuck to his values and he showed his values; you can see that he’s a very strong man. For him, there was no other way. He showed that we’re all beautiful.” On Gaultier’s next act: “Every good thing ends one day, but I didn’t think [he’d stop] this year. At the same time, I think that when there’s somebody who does great things, like Jean Paul does, he cannot stop. He probably has—as he said—something up his sleeve. I think he’s going to surprise us with something great; doing the same thing in a different way, I guess.” On being a muse: “I was really a small part of his creation; I think that Jean Paul is nourished by so many things. Each person inspires something different. It’s normal, we all have different personalities and different posture and different ways of occupying a space. I think Jean Paul, being an artist, is very sensitive to what comes out of a person. Yes, I was aware that when he put something on me I could give something back, even if I cannot even explain what that was. I don’t know if he can explain it, but I cannot. It was something very invisible, but it worked so well. It was so rewarding. It was really, really a pleasure to see the collection taking shape with all our energy. I’m very conscious that, probably, I was in the right place at the right time, but I’m also conscious that things happen because of a synergy of people, and that’s so important. Life is made of synergy, actually.” This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
  5. OMG! Look what I just found!!! https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/meet-julia-schonberg-jean-paul-gaultier-longtime-muse
  6. Thank you for so many amazing runway photos!!! You are the best, just the best! I never dreamed of seeing so many of her runway photos... Do you know anything about her? It's so interesting to know she was Lacroix's favorite bride, wow!
  7. Hi, ArianaVSCouture, I think this might be it, I don't remember much, but I remember Julia for sure. Could this be this documenatry https://www.worldcat.org/title/undressed-fashion-in-the-twentieth-century-1-2-of-4/oclc/855116160#reviews ? Every now and then I google for it, but I never find anything.
  8. Wow, thank you so much, @AdrianaVSCouture! These are amazing! I don't remember if I had asked this here, but there is a fashion documentary from the 90s or early 00s and at the part where they talk to John Galliano there is Julia and another blond model in crinolines running around in a stable. I had caught it on TV as a child and immediately started recording on a VHS, but I was never able to find the entire documentary online. Do you might know what I am talking about? It was beautiful
  9. Ajajajaja, posing in a vulgar outfit next to a broom Class up, guys!
  10. Amazing finds, girls! Thank you! ❤️
  11. You are welcome, sanja It looks to me like something she must have worn to an event back home or if she ever walked for a Croatian designer back in the 90s. I would say she was 17 in the photo, tops... The photo is from a Croatian magazine, but I have no idea which one, sorry
  12. Hello, girls! Thank you for all the pics! They're lovely ❤️ Found an old mag crop-out of Korina. Not the best image quality, but it's her 😉 Happy New Year, too! 😉
  13. then this purple eyeshadow would enhance your dark green eyes even more, SmrdiCat
  14. Rado, thanks for sharing the lovely snaps, you both look cute No, you're right, you're a fan and you're entitled to sometimes be ''upset'' by something you don't like and express it - that's what the forum is for I have periods when I like super high quality, over the top dreamy editorials and campaigns and then later, moments when I enjoy street pics the most... these Zara pics somehow appeal to me precisely for their simplicity/rudimentarity where models' faces and silhouettes take center stage whether they are doing more stiff poses or quirky ones... I just love seeing both Edita's and Giedre's faces all over Zara's website (guilty as charged :P)
  15. I agree. I'd also like to see her with her natural shade which is a bit darker.
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