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  1. Hahaha...no. Just because she has a cute butt it doesn't mean she's the next Gisele. She needs to learn a bit or two about humility from Sara Sampaio. Now that there is a level headed person. Uhm... I haven't read or seen many interviews of Sara so idk if she said anything over the top... but I mean the vibes I get from her, the way she presents herself on snapchat... she is full of herself!
  2. Oh btw, is there any chance to watch her Topmodel Po Russki season? I've been looking for videos on youtube but I couldn't find any ...
  3. Not really sure what do think about that interview. I mean yeah, who knows what of those things she actually said ... and what the journalist phrased that way. The press can be really tricky and mean... even though this is no hard core yellow press. Even though I adore her look, I did get a few arrogant vibes from her lately, tbh. I mean she's been risen to "stardom" quite fast. Yes, she has been modeling for a few years already but the biggest successes of her career happened within the last year. It all happened very quickly and now all of a sudden she's an Angel, get's all the attention and treatment... it can get into your head. Let's see how she'll act in future interviews to really judge about it... which we'll never be fully able to do since we do not know her at all.
  4. Hi ibeme, one question, where is your first gif from? Has she had her "how I became and angel" talk yet?
  5. lol @that Maria gif. In comparison to her Taylor looked like a pro She's just so drop dead gorgeous it amazes me everytime. I liked her ever since I spottet her during fashion week and she's growing on me more and more. Such a classic beauty! I think her look will never get out of style. :wub2:
  6. I love how this thread is more updated and active than hers at tfs. It used to be the other way around. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who update frequently! I am truly missing her high fashion years but it's was a wise desicion to focus on her commercial work. She's just the bomb for Victoria's Secret and I hope she's gonna make a lasting impact and stay an angel for a couple of years. And I love all the exposure she's getting now so we are getting to see more interviews, video footage etc. of her!
  7. gosh, I hate Parisfw, it's so boring without him. I hope he is shooting anything instead.
  8. I totally agree with you guys. Parisfw is weird in terms of castings. They prefer the more edgy guys, and our Chico is just too hot and cute for that I see Milan as his city, he's always doing well (and they have the better shows for me anyway) Too sad he probably won't do any more shows. Paris Fashion Week is so boring and my Fashion Week excitement really slowed down after Milan, because Paris has no Livestreams and my fave models aren't doing many shows. So this is quite a bummer. So let's keep fingers crossed he's about to shoot something major
  9. me too! an was at Alex Mabille as well ! tfs oh and one Question: haven't there been rumours that said he would stare in Dsquareds FW11 campaign? Is this still true? Cause I think it's weird he wasn't in this seasons show. Well I guess (and hope) we don't have to wait so long anymore.
  10. I have to agree guys, I was also very surprised to see him at Versace but so damn happy at the same time . And he had two looks Kinda bumped to not see him a Dsquared today though. He always has been a regular walker, so it was dissapointing. I hope he's still going to get some major shows in Paris
  11. don't you also think he slightly looks like Alexander Rybak? if you don't know him, he's a norwegian music artist I always thought there is this similarity, since the first time I saw Chico
  12. I saw him in Dolce&Gabbanas SS11 backstage video. And then when I saw him I immediately stopped and asked "Who's that guy???" in the comment box. But there were so many Chico fans commetning, that I found out who he was pretty soon
  13. what? oh thats pity to hear, I was looking forward to see him
  14. haha who doesn't? I also don't like it much when my fave models smoke or models in generall but it's their cup of tea, so...
  15. okay, there you go show him more next time pleeeease!
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