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  1. I am crossing fingers because I would love to see her in the show. It's VS's loss if they reject her again, she is pretty much perfection!
  2. Does anybody know if Cintia will be going to the VSFS casting this year?
  3. Does anyone know if Cintia is doing SI this year? Thank you!
  4. It's great to see so many new pics of Lily, but i wish VS would learn that she doesn't need all the smoke and mirrors. She is pretty much perfection without any makeup let alone so much she needs paint thinner to get it off, and i just don't think her face carries it well. Also I would like to see her change up her hairstyle every now and then, she has hair to die for and yet i think she has had the same hairstyle in every pic iv'e seen of her in the last 12 months or so (aside from the occasional modelling pic).
  5. Thanks for the new pics everyone! She's adorable!
  6. Thank you so much o charmer! too sweet!
  7. can somebody post the new pics of her as a little kid from TFS? thank you!! x
  8. if anybody is part of TFS as well as here could you please post the allure scans as i'm not a member and can't see them and I would really like to. Many Thanks!
  9. I hadn't seen any of those last set of candids so thank you for those!
  10. Lily walked in the rag and bone fashion show. She looks great. There is a pic over at TFS. I don't think people are making comments about her lack of facial expressions and solely referring to her catalogue work, which i agree she is expected to look neutral for, but she barely mixes it up in her Marie Claire ed it's just some of those look fresh compared because she is moving rather than static and posing for the pics. I personally think the same can largely be said for previous editorials she has got and pictures on her IMG profile. She isn't versatile at all thats just my opinion, but good lord she is a stunner!
  11. The launch is def a case of bad dresses happening to good people! her face is perfection as ever tho!
  12. look how happy she is. too sweet
  13. I like Lily as an overall, but once I went over her VS pictures I kinda stared. She nearly the same expression in every single photo.
  14. Lily behind britney. shes wearing white, nice to see her in something other than black but would have loved a color on her even more! i love how matt is looking at britney lol!
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