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  1. sure sweetie;* I'm also not visitin this site anymore, so here's my email: [email protected]

    Waitin 4 Yr message;*

  2. overrated. i don't like them bcz of my exbest friends. she loves them so much and she always behaves like somebody who is so much better than others Paulo Coelho
  3. Hi sweetie;* What's up wit u now?

  4. Five Years Ago� How old were you? 13 Where did you go to school? junior high school number 68 Where did you work? I didn't work... Where did you live? in same place, Poznan Where did you hang out? in little forest near to my home How was your hair style? shoulder-length, red hair.... awful.! Did you wear braces? No Did you wear glasses? No Who was your best friend? I have no idea.... Who was your regular-person crush? Don't remember... How many tattoos did you have? None. How many piercings did you have? 2 What was your favorite band/group? Nirvana (???) What was your worst fear? Have no idea.... Had you smoked a cigarette yet? Yes Had you driven yet? No Had you been arrested? No Had you been to a real party yet? No Had your heart broken? No Let�s See What You Are Now� How old are you? 18 and 7 months Where do you go to school? High School numer 7 Where do you work? No work. Where do you live? The same place. Where do you hang out? In my friends' house or somewhere in downtown Do you have braces? No Do you wear glasses? I should Who are your best friends? Karolina Still talk to any of your old friends? Yes Who is your celebrity crush? Colin Farrell How many piercings do you have? 6 How many tattoos? None ;( What is your favorite band/group? No fav group. What is your biggest fear? Elderly. And loneliness. Have you been arrested since? If so how many times total? None. Has your heart been broken? Yes......
  5. Neither of them. I'm not happy at all and I'm not trying to look like kappy person... Are you ill?
  6. Yeah, actually, more than 5 hours Have you ever wanted to moved out before you finish high school?
  7. Yes. Have you ever cryed bc you feel torrible pain (phisical)?
  8. Sometimes Are you have a hangover today?
  9. No But maybe I will go.. Who knows? Everything is possible Are you angry?
  10. No. have you ever didn't sleep for a hole night?
  11. stopped write to me an e-mails
  12. nika1377

    I Am...

    waiting for a friend- we're going shopping
  13. not now. Are you going tonight to a party?
  14. woke up at 5:45, did breakfast for me and my parents, went to school, shopping and slept and now I'm prepering for party
  15. a book for my twin (;*) and a gift for my best friend
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