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  1. Tanya for Victoria's Secret in 1995 SOURCE: EBAY
  2. Hey guys... never post or add on BZ anymore Loving all the additions for Tanya Fourie these from photographer Fabrizio Ferri's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fabrizioferriofficial/
  3. I rarely post or comment anymore - but just have to say, I LOVE the fact that 350 pages later new and unseen material can still pop up and amaze me! What a model, what a career! X
  4. Tanya now https://www.magzter.com/article/Womens-Interest/Fairlady/Where-Are-They-Now
  5. Sergio Rossi is model Lisa M (Martinaglia)
  6. Hey guys - the PHAS model is South African Lushano Kuhn X
  7. mind blown at all the amazing new Tereza additions last few months! thank you
  8. Oh my word! MissParker and everyone else - amazing new additions! Keep it coming!
  9. she looked amazing last night. I do miss her more bohemian style from when she was younger, wearing a lot of black for events in previous years (but still looking fab as always)
  10. thanks specdude for hunting down and posting all these amazing videos. It is such a pleasure to come to this thread and see how much it has grown in the past few weeks. Thanks to all!
  11. as always, thanks a million for the amazing images!
  12. much gratitude Sanja! Thank you for those x
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