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  1. the adoption-story goes like this:

    couple wants to adopt a child.

    adoption agency says they're too old (late 30s).

    couple goes to INDIA to adopt a child over there.

    cultural indifference etc. etc.

  2. hab mir grad eben "Blue Valentine" angeschaut und muss sagen dass der film voll der downer ist....

    zeitverschwendung -_-.

    aus welcher stadt kommst du?

  3. the internet loves hawt chicks/naked women XD ...http://tumblr.com/xd51jbjbq6

  4. btw i've found a way how to get A LOT of likes (and subs) on tumblr...tried it out over the week and my most liked post has over 80 notes and the blog has 7 subs!

    WTF , rite?

  5. random question:

    Olivia Wilde and I share smth very specific....what is it?

    (you have 100 guesses)

  6. i can actually txt from my phone too...

    i had to write a style-analysis about some woman who wants to adopt a child which took me about a day. and the day before i was laying on my bigass couch because i wasnt able to move because PE was frickin' exhausting.and today i just played mass effect 2 on PS3

  7. *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom* jessica *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*

  8. i really need to take a shit right now...i'll tell you 2m.o.

  9. totally different body types...but yeah...Candice all the way.
  10. uhh btw.

    have you ever heard of a book called "the white tiger"?

  11. oh noes,

    where did you get that information from?


  12. we should make "blackrain" a verb.


    to blackrain s.b.:

    the action of obvious stalking on a message board...?

  13. come quick, look who visited my profile!

  14. guys...check out the "model search" section Jessica Perez: source:sportsillustrated.cnn.com (was kinda hard (for me <_< ) to figure out where those pics were saved...but it was worth the struggle )
  15. source:sportsillustrated.cnn.com
  16. [Miranda Kerr says:] Just go work in a bloody circus. Adapt - geez... And get off my case. Losers.
  17. @ Miranda ... why do so many women buy your crap? can't they what's happenin'?
  18. i've unleashed "obvious gay"...

  19. [Todd Thomas says:] @Ophelia i'll see what i can do for you honey. @GOD Razek Eeeehhhdward, did you hear what the girl saaaaaid? and you cannot just go on and call yourself God. Imagine how mean the real guy would get if he would find out that you stole his name too. he got pretty angry after finding out that you stole all his angels' wings and AND giving them to all those coat stands...they should actually loose some weight because i'm running out of materials over here and if that happens i wont be able to design new footballs which the girls can wear and that would make them very sad and
  20. he/she/is a.k.a Santa ...you bad boy baron (alliteration WIN)

  21. jelly jiggler and Dengakuman ....my new fav characters!

    go 'n' google!

  22. talking about coming back...where's blackrain?

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