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  1. its a year late, but here go. hope you like it...


  2. the one with dark hair! thanksssss
  3. i'd be so grateful if anyone could make me a chuck & blair sig with the lyrics; "been there, done that, messed around, i'm having fun, don't put me down." chuck = ed westwick blair = leighton meester in case you didn't know aha.
  4. thank you! :} thats nice of you to welcome me aha. well i've been doing it in bits over the last couple of days but i could easily do it again right now! he's so innocent looking.. & i love his hair when its curly.
  5. 149 pages but i got there in the end :') WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BOY. so so so soooo hope he has more work coming up soon.
  6. more pictures coming up later.
  7. he is lusssssh! mmm. to me he looks like the boy next door.. who can climb in through my window anyday can't wait for new pictures :} Threads Merged . ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average
  8. :drool: thats my fave one!! source: http://www.40grausmodels.com/casting_detal...ecionada=20063#
  9. source: http://saltwaterbloodmeetsspiritmountain.b...nato%20ferreira
  10. source: Major Models Management & Made in Brazil
  11. RENATO FERREIRA height: 180 cm agency: 40 graus models
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