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  1. Yes... I like to spend all my free time creating a passtime for Monday when I'm being paid to "come down" and nurse a hang over for 10 quid an hour !!
  2. All the time... Have you ever put your finger through the bog roll and got shit on your hand?
  3. I'm gonna bitch about not being hung over... my god damn parents made me move out on Sunday... I don't think they realise how important it is for me to get blasted drunk on a Sunday so I save my hangover till I'm getting paid for it.... I ended up sitting watching TV for hours yesterday afternoon recovering from Saturday night and being too tired to even get up because of moving house. I'm not hung over... and it's killing me.
  4. Has been quiet the past few weeks
  5. -guy: "how do you prefer your eggs for breakfast ?" girl: "unfertilized" That's some of the funniest shit I've read today...
  6. Here you are people. no need to post on this pointless thread any longer.... http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  7. How about a put downs thread... what's your favourite... or do you have many. When someone puts down your clothes (can be changed for anything apart from looks)..... Yes but tomorrow I can go shopping and you will still be ugly. When a fat person asks "Do you mind if I look round".... reply with "You look round to me fatty" My personal fav is "Fuck you, you fucking fuck" can be used at any time.
  8. I'm sure they made one a few months back.... hang on let me get my diary out..... Yep.... Sunday May the 14th at my house !!
  9. Another one that doesn't like either... But I voted for Keeley because her face is prettier. LP does absolutely nothing for me at all... I've seen hotter girls on a night train to uglyville, bigtitsarenoteverythingshire.
  10. We've kind of Hi-jacked this man's thread...... Oh my god I just used the word Hi-Jacked online, I bet the FBI will be here to arrest me and take me to Guantanamo any time now !! Sorry Chris... it's all yours honest !!
  11. Ah haaa... it must have been broken earlier... I can see you now. I'll just get my coat and go home to bed..
  12. Why is it then that there are no pin points showing over Australia?
  13. I agree with 94% of your choices... Llama Your not on the Map... No Australians on the Map!! I think the only Black Female model I like is Alek Wek... but that's what I call Black. There are some very nice dark skinned beauties out there... it's a shame there aren't more Asian models in the mainstream I love asian girls they are HOT !! Luck number 5013.... time for you to get a face.
  14. Hello there German boy... Audioslave rock... Register on the BZ Map... everyone gets this request with they first join !! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=4944 And Post a pic if your brave enough !! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=662 Do you like Models? if so who ? Oh and Post a request for an Avi and Sig Here if you can't make them yourself.. http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=473 Not being bossy, just trying to welcome you in to our little world !!
  15. Enemy of the State... was on TV last night, Gene Hackman Rocks !!
  16. Ann Mary.... no you don't you only think you do. I actually do, now stop lying !!
  17. {name}

    I Am...

    Confirming Jig's Ponderance
  18. I will do Benny Boy.... My best mate's called Ben and my new neighbour is called Ben and the guy who sits in front of me at work is called Ben.... WTF... Ben's are taking over the world. Should never change his Sig either....
  19. {name}

    I Am...

    Muching on the fattest Bagguette in the world... full of Fried food. The Best hang over cure (apart from vigorous sex... try it... it works honest) Sausage, Bacon, Eggs and tomatoes...!!
  20. Im dead already.... Oh dear, I hope my mum doesn't notice !!
  21. {name}


    Flexitarian - what a load of bollocks.... you are NOT and I repeat NOT a vegitarian if you "Ocasionally" eat meat... your just a regular eater that doesn't eat a lot of meat. I eat absolutely everything and I have tried so many weird and wonderful things. My fav would be Swordfish... it's just so MMMMMmm Now you've done it.... *rushes to the groudfloor shop to get a bacon sarnie*
  22. No no.... he thinks I'm obsessed with him already. Get's the blame for everything... reminds me of myself !!
  23. If I could change it I would... I just didn't know I would be on here for very long.... it's you Andrea you just make me wanna come back and chat. If I could change it I would to .... I.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really .Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really. Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Really.Love.Gemma.Ward Oh and the person above... Has one of the most admirable sig's in the business !! I would love one similar with my top 5 in it.... but nobody will make me one...
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