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  1. Is telling tales on her friends !!
  2. Bottom one my Fav... She's just so good. Doesn't look like she will age at all. She so perfect !!
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    The Reason - Hoobastank
  4. You go girl... I love skinny girls.
  5. Sounds good mate... I love seshing at the weekends too. I was drinking till about 4:00am... unfortunately 10 minutes late for work. Be drinking even more heavily tonight and then going to Donnington Park tomorrow to watch some racing cars. Should be fun. Can't wait till 5:30pm... shift will be over and it will be officially beer o'clock.
  6. I can hardly wait for this to happen... She owns the world and everything in it. There's nothing she can't acheive... she can do anything she wants, the freedom of the world... and lots and lots of cash to go with it. I love Gemma.... as you all know... so I think she deserves it all.. It's funny how she's become this big, this quick... and all because she was born with Genes that turned her in to the most beautiful woman .. if she was ugly I think she would be standing behind a checkout in Walmart or something. Looks are not everything..... yeah right.
  7. He knows too much about too much...
  8. I can hardly wait to see more of her... I hope she does Sao paulo again this year.
  9. No... she naturally Glows... always. She will never put on a single Gram.. she will stay perfect forever.
  10. And what do you think now Ben? You've had 9 months to think about it a bit.....
  11. Because she's just sooooo amazing. I would cast her in everything.. no matter what the mood of the ad your trying to create. I would cast her in all shows and many many editorials. You can't fault Tiiu .... she's just not a girl that you can hate. If anyone even tried they couldn't give me a good enough reason to hate Tiiu. P.S.... I know you didn't say you hated her, none of ther above comments are supposed to imply that. Just that I think she's one of the VERY best... I think they cast her because they argee with that statement.
  12. I'm still waiting for the final Bourne film.... when oh when will it be here.
  13. 2 fast 2 furious... cars are cool but overall it sucked balls
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    Excellent... but they aren't even gonna make a better song than "Them bones" in my opinion. Playing Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls - Live from S&M CD2 (MY GOD I LOVE THIS TRACK)
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    Listening to Christina on my MP3, reading lots of threads on BZ and eating Marmite on Toast.... Mmmm Oh yeah, and I'm at work
  16. Find me a high fashion model in a swimsuit. That normally wouldn't
  17. Weekends are sooooo important for me, I guess I thaught this would be more popular than it is. This weekend I am going to Donnington park to see a Touring Car race and Renault Roadshow.... should be good
  18. Had a Foursome with Raica, Ronaldo and James Blunt
  19. Has a heartbreaking Sig signoff and deserves at least a Hug from Maddog
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